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Audi RS5 Review Australia | The combination of Power and Luxury

Audi RS5 Review Australia

The Audi RS5 is excellent to drive. It is it's a refined, agreeable, and simple vehicle to have. However, Audi S5 is a diesel-powered, there's somewhat more to add in the RS model to present among different models of Audi. However, in the A5 range, you can have the most luxurious car in your garage. 


It is strong in its competitors, having sharp performance and high maintenance as compared to the RS5 that still lacks many features from its competitors BMW and Mercedes. The best thing that makes this car most powerful is its built-in powerful engine. 


The other name for the car is the beast. So we can definitely call it a beast with the most powerful engine. Moreover, there are many changes made in 2020 of Audi for the European versions of this model.


Interior of the Audi Rs5:

The RS5's interior blends a variety of rich materials that includes high-tech equipment. The front sport seats are strong and are made of a standard that provides comfort during traveling.  Additionally, they have massage options for the driver and front passenger to get relaxed during long journeys. The great interior in every cabin with three-zone climate control, and a panoramic sunroof. You can even add the optional diamond stitching, fully digital gauge cluster, heated steering wheel, and head-up display to give you Audi a modern look.


Engine Specifications:

Under its strong clamshell hood sits a 444-hp twin-turbo V-6. It makes a few six horses than the active V-8 model. Yet torque has expanded significantly from 317 lb-ft to 443. The force shifted through Audi's back one-sided Quattro all-wheel-drive suspension by means of a smooth exchange of eight-speed programmed transmission. 


In the driver's seat, the meanest variant of Audi'ssports car is anything but difficult to control and is difficult to operate. However, accommodating in both wet and dry conditions is unsurprising. The real thing that attracts is the comfort by which especially the RS5 rides over great distances either short or long. While opponents, for example, the BMW M4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63 request more consideration during sessions, the Audi is as yet including and desired car to drive.



Like all other models of the Audi, for example, the A6 and A7 vehicles, the RS5 doesn't have double touchscreens that separate its dashboard and center console. While that makes its infotainment system looks less modern. However, the RS5 has a high-mounted 7.0-inch focus of the display and going with revolving control. Together they give instinctive with few of the interruptions. Obviously, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ability come standard. A 19-speaker, 755-watt Bang and Olufsen sound system is best choice to opt.


Safety Features:

Although, the latest Audi RS5 2020 is not tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Yet this reliable car is efficient enough to provide the driver and the passenger with the best security system installed in it. However, the Audi RS5 has increased the standard of security by upgrading its features.


It includes these two features for the security:

 ✓ Automatic high-beams 

 ✓ Self-parking assist 


Furthermore, a few of the key features include:

 ✓ With an automatic braking system, it controls the standard forward collisions and shows a warning.

 ✓ With the availability of the adaptive cruise control and the stop-and-go technology used you can drive anywhere anytime.

 ✓ It has a lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist



 ✓ It is Brilliant in performance

 ✓ It has a reliable Cruise Control 

 ✓ Luxury interior

 ✓ Much more comfortable as compared to previous models



 ✓ Not competitive speed then rivals

 ✓ The engine is low and dull

 ✓ It is expensive to buy

 ✓ The old and troublesome infotainment system 

 ✓ Lacks of exhausts


Audi rs5 reviews:

Review 1:

this car is superb i like it very much i hav ride in it was a superb drive of my life ..i will give it 5 on 5 rating my first dream is that i will buy this car in future n be the best


Review 2:

The Audi RS5 is the powerful machine, There interior is fully premium and sporty look....i take this car as a review and believe me this car is out of the world...the super silencers and the boost pickup is jut out of the words....i love this car...this is my first priority..... believe me i love this car at the first sight


Review 3:

Audi has its own reputation in car industry. It provide high class technology luxurious interior and monstrous heart(engine). This car maintains their reputation. It is equally beautiful from outside and inside. It combines luxury of a sedan and performance of a sports car. It has aerodynamic body fine refinements from predecessor has a wide engine grill with chrome finish.n A 444hp engine all wheel drive which make it quick and fully stable at high speed. It hasand P zero tyres which are good for track but bad at bumpy roads. Pros: Great performance Beautiful design Packs technology and luxury Good value for money Cons: Less fun and value than cheaper audi tt less thriller than bmw m4.



It's a very powerful car and very future inside this car I purchesd this car this my dream car Audi is very perfect car his driving is very smooth and fast Audi rs5 the perfect car


Review 5:

Hello, Friends, audi rs5 is a very supeRB car This is not a just car, this is a supercar, the drive was smooth, Audi rs5 is an awesome car.peak performance of this car, everyone has a one time check before u but other brand cars. I recommended to everyone if you plan a new super-luxury car then pls come and take a test drive of this car.



The Audi RS5 has the best and boldest styling of all. Its unique straight-line speed and sharp cornering capacities are assigned to its incredible twin-turbo V-6. The Audi RS5 is available in all colors at an affordable price. 


However, the white color suits the best for this model. From Audi RS5 2018 model to the new RS5 the specifications are modified in a unique way. To review the details of these exciting luxury cars you need to review QuicREVs, for the best car history and details.

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