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Audi Quattro Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Audi Quattro Review Australia


Audi is the symbol of high-grade automobiles, made with perfection. One of its masterpieces is the Quattro series. It is a mid-sized vehicle that comes in the production line of a rally car. It is a 2-door coupé-styled body. You can get its earliest 4WD model of 1980, available as a development car with a front-located engine. If you are looking for a change, North American Quattro is also the option. It is equipped with similar 4WD upgraded technology. Originally, you have the option of four cars. Two of them are for daily use called A1 and A2. Other versions are specially tailored to run fast on a racetrack called Sport Quattro S1 and S1 E2 with AWD.


It is impossible to be not impressed by their remarkable turbocharged inline engine and durable motor. Its pioneering technology delivers dynamism and protection at once. Have an exclusive, exceptional driving experience with Audi Quattro.



Audi Quattro engines are made highly powerful with efficient braking and suspensions. It features independent front and rear axle suspension. Suspensions have adaptable bars, and flexible coils to offer a stable and steady ride. The highlight of the 1986-1987 model is its Torsen center differential. It has replaced the manual center differential lock. The motor is strategically designed to distribute the power in all axles for better road and speed control.


Few highlighted features, making it perfect for you to drive enlist:

Improved traction

Diagonally fixed engine

A multi-disc clutch

Hydraulic actuation.

Besides offering a manageable lightweight engine, its 2005 model with epicyclic gear having asymmetrical-dynamic basic force distribution is a significant refinement.


The available engine options include:

2.1L, 10 valves SOHC inline 5-cyl (1980 to 1987)

2.2L SOHC inline 5-cyl (1987 to 1989)

2.2L DOHC 20V inline 5-cyl (1989 to 1991)


The primary (2.1L) engine has a powerful turbocharger and an efficient intercooler. They keep the car under control even at higher speeds. It produces 147 kW power which balances out the torque of 285 N⋅m@3,500 rpm. All year models come with 5-speed manual transmission. So, if you cannot drive a manual, you cannot drive Quattro. Unluckily, it doesn’t come with any automatic-mode option.


S1 and S1 E2 series:

In Audi Sport Quattro S1, the engine is modified significantly. Although you will find the engine size small it is hard-wearing, speedy, and powerful. 2133 CC, DOHC, 2.1L Inline-5 cylinders engine is made of strong aluminium. It offers fuel injection and a KKK K27 turbocharger. What an impressive combination! On the same page, Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 (from 1985) also offers you an engine with a similar configuration. But, its refinements have successfully reduced the turbo lag.


Do you know how it delivers such a fast speed while maintaining the car’s stability? With its aggressive-looking aerodynamic kit. It has exquisitely designed wings with front and rear-facing spoilers. These specs increase the down force, maintain the central gravity, and offer high racing speed.



Well, at the very first glance, you will notice only one thing in Audi Quattro. Distinctive flared wheel arches! You can spot little upgrades in every trim of Audi Quattro. But, in those 11years of production, no revolutionary visual changes were made. If you want to get rid of the old-styled analog instrument cluster, choose your model after 1983 versions. Their dashboards come with an upgraded green digital LCD presenting an electronic instrument cluster. No doubt, it lacks hi-tech but provides satisfactory specs. In 1984 and 1985 models, you can get a fresh dashboard-style, new and impressive steering wheel layout with a new central console. To keep fanciness, the switches are transformed around the instrument panel.


If we talk about its exterior, the styling has been modified but still, you will not find it extremely tempting. The earlier trims come with the flat grille upfront giving bold touch complemented with 4 separate headlights. Later models such as 1983 have united/merged headlights with a massive single lens with additional twin reflectors. We can say, in the aspect of the exterior upgrade, the 1985 model year might be the best pick. Called a 'facelift model', it has a distinguishing slanted grille at the front. It comes with newly redesigned headlights and has also received badging changes.


Audi Sport Quattro:

Regardless of its use, Audi maintained the stylish layout with a comfortable cabin. To offer extra protection, S1 is made with carbon kevlar. Its broader wheel arches, with wider wheels, will guarantee fast speed and safety. The robust look is strengthened with a steeper windscreen rake for better-quality vision. They come with a shorter wheelbase to let you cover the ground at a faster pace.


U.S./Canadian versions:

In the U.S./Canadian Audi Quattro, features are added, removed, or replaced for better drive and speed.



Comparatively, massive impact bumpers

Built-in shock absorbers with the redesigned camshaft

Lacks anti-lock braking system,

Air conditioner

Leather-trimmed interior for a luxury

Features no sunroof (most of the 1984-1985 trims)

2.1L engine has minor engine control unit upgrades

Dropped turbocharger boost pressure

Advanced catalytic converter


Audi a1 Quattro:

It is AWD, similar in mechanics and style to the Audi s-series. It provides a maximum power of 188kW, and torque of 350NM. Unfortunately, it is also available only in the manual option with a 6-speed gearbox. To maintain the luxury, the interior has Silk Nappa leather-trimmed seats. It has a distinguishing flat-bottomed steering wheel with a sportier touch. To match the leather clothing, you will get an all-aluminum gear shift knob.


As a standard, Audi A1 Quattro has:

Xenon headlamps

A smart access key

Audi Connect with internet connectivity,

Amazing 14-speaker Bose stereo

Digital radio.


Audi a3 Quattro:

It comes in a handsome and imposing exterior with speed-compatible chassis. The engineers have creatively infused the latest technology with a spacious interior. It reserves sufficient head and legroom. Its seats are collapsible. The most fuel-efficient engine option is Q3 35 TFS. It is a 1.5-liter petrol engine, offering 150 hp. Audi A3 Quattro is installed with a manual, 6-speed transmission.


But, on the other hand, you will not find its gearboxes impressive. Moreover, it has limited diesel availability. The plus point is its S-Tronic, 7-speed automatic transmission offered as an optional.


Some remarkable specs include:

Combination of high-quality plastics and refined metal trimming

10’’ touchscreen

Climate control

Responsive steering that stays manageable at the maximum speed

Upgraded driver assistance systems for extra safety


Audi 2021 Audi A4 Quattro:

It has already been introduced in Australia with two options of brilliant engines/. One is the A4 35 TFSI and the other is A4 All-road 45 TFSI. Its 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine is strong and efficient enough to offer 110kW power and 270Nm torque. Audi A4 Quattro is an FWD but comes with a 7-speed S Tronic dual-clutch gearbox.


Other specifications are:

19’’ alloy wheels

All-new 10.1’’ digital touchscreen with high resolution

Keyless entry and start (remote)

Leather-trimmed interior

Powered, height-adjustable, and heated driver’s seat

Lumbar support

3-zone climate control


Final verdict:

The company has used cutting-edge technology to make the Audi Quattro a highly desirable vehicle. The previous versions are no doubt lacking in multiple aspects but still, they offer satisfactory road performance and a comfortable interior. We advise you to check the models manufactured after 2015. They have accelerated speeds, an efficient gearbox, a spacious interior, better fuel efficiency, safe control, and an eye-catching exterior.


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