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ARB Bullbar Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

ARB Bullbar Review Australia

Driving a car without any protection is quite risky, isn’t it? No matter if you are traveling in a rural area or an urban city, you will always be in the need of bullbars, rear or under vehicle protection, side steps, roof racks, suspensions, GPS, camera and sensors, and the list goes on! Trying to buy everything under the same roof? You must visit the ARB Bullbar. It not only has well-crafted bars but multiple types of equipment for vehicle protection.


The company offers a solid base and perfectly engineered accessories. It ensures maximum protection along with complementing the look. ARB performs detailed tests before bringing its equipment to the market. It includes vehicle crash barrier tests.


The founder named Tony Brown established this enterprise in 1975. It was named Anthony Ronald Brown, lately abbreviated as ARB. It is popular for manufacturing quality guaranteed 4×4 accessories. ARB Bullbar aims to focus on three things: quality, consistency, steadfastness, and practicality above all else. They have been manufacturing well-engineered, hard-wearing products for 4WD cars.


Do you know their most distinguishing features? Use of updated CAD, CAM parametric modeling setups, and element analysis deals. ARB is keeping its highest level as a modernizer in the car enterprises. It has been applying the most recent, state-of-the-art constructed machinery.



ARB Bullbar use the most complicated, advanced, and innovative mechanics. The latest machinery includes laser cutting, brake pressing, guillotining, and CNC. Their manufacturing plants contain classic MIG, TIG, robot, and spot-welding facilities. To ensure the standard of the product’s quality, a rigorous quality control procedure has been formulated. If you intend to buy first-class 4*4 accessories, you can try visiting their grand store.


Products or services:

ARB Bullbar offers a wide range of automobile equipment in the finest quality with a splendid finesse and high durability.

Bullbars - It has eight varieties with different dimensions, structure, and protection levels. The highlighted selection includes Summit Sahara bars, Alloy bull bars, commercial bull bars, and Nudge bars. All bars are modernized compatible with a mounting framework offering complete frontal protection. ARB Bullbar Deluxe is lightweight. It increases appeal to the vehicle’s outlook.

Side rails and side steps - They deal in the summit and deluxe side rails, rock sliders, and Kingsley side steps. They offer maximized protection with their revolutionized attachment system, and bigger steel tubing. Rock sliders are a strong shield against the automobile’s exposed side parts.

Rear protection, towing and wheel carriers – Keep your bumper damage free! They come in optimum fitting size. ARB Bullbar offers three tow-bars for rear attachment increasing your vehicle’s loading capacity.

Canopies – Three categories perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. Ascent canopy comes with maximum usability whereas Classic Plus features slam shut styling with an electronically controlled single door.

UTE lids and Tub accessories – You can get sport-lid, tailgate, and UTE liners. It protects you from heavy-duty damage.

Roof racks and roof bars – This is the best equipment for tour lovers. If you carry loads of luggage, buy any rack for easy adjustment. Rhino rack is one of its most famous types. It comes with supreme affordability and feasibility.

Driving lights – ARB Bullbar is loaded with a variety of lights as per customer’s demands. You are most welcomed to choose either Intensity lights, Bushranger lights, or IPF lights. It helps increase visibility and a prolonged working span. ARB bullbar fog lights are found highly productive.

Air compressors – If you like to travel, you must keep high-quality compressors to maintain the engine functionality. The highlight of their product is that compressors are rebuilt able.

Under vehicle protection – Planning on going for a bumpy road journey?! Buy ARB Diff covers which are anti-corrosive and water plus mud resistant. It not only offers protection to essential parts but also fancier appearance.

Dual battery and solar system – They offer a highly compatible, easy to fit, and cost-effective solar setup. What else you can expect from the company?! It gives you a long-lasting source of energy for your comfortable ride.

Tents, swags, and awnings – Everyone needs a little comfort while traveling! You can enjoy shopping for ARB Bullbar’s new, top and convenient tents and warm shelters.


Additional categories:

4*4 suspension (EMU)


Air lockers


Recovery equipment and points

Fuel tanks and storage

Drawers and cargo solutions

Portable fridge or freezers

Camping or touring accessories

UHF, Reverse cameras, and GPS

Safari snorkels


Why should you choose them?

ARB Bullbar make your car visually impressive with their classic bull bars

The sliders do not damage the cars built-in safety setup ✓ Side rails can be fitted on multiple points to assure longevity

Top-quality tow-bars providing cargo flexibility

Canopies have unparalleled quality and manufacturing structures

Roof racks show elite strength as they can carry bicycles

ARB lights are characterized by premium flawless lenses and reflectors

ARB Bullbar has an extended line of auxiliary battery kits and Redarc solar systems that excel when fitted to your vehicle

Features a range of eye-catching SKYDOME SWAGS for perfect trips


Customer reviews:

Review 1:

“Love my ARB bumper/ WARN winch setup on my jeep. Works well, the only flaw is that you can't cover the winch very well in winter & water will freeze the coil of wire up. Was an easy install at least a two-person job & have to install winch inside bumper before mounting it.”


Review 2:

“After having a summit bull bar poorly fitted by Keilor ARB which caused damage to my bumper bar and getting a less than favorable response, decided to contact head office Kylsith and spoke to Jason.

 To my surprise, Jason and the team were fantastic and did a super job and repaired everything as what should have been done by Keilor.”


Review 3:

“Bought bt50 fully kitted right from the dealer. The arb bull bar is showing serious rust spots after 3 months.

 Now I live near the beach...but this is absurd. Rest of the truck as new....except, of course, my arb intensity fog lights which have rust coming through on the brackets, I expected 3 years minimum rust free...got 3 months.”


Final verdict:

Sleek deluxe bull bars with the highest functionality is all you need. ARB Bullbar has perfectly engineered the secret of supremacy in their equipment. Real-life testing assures its premium quality and safe usage. you must try their products having matchless quality and practicality. You can surely get the best possible fit of the engine, bars, racks, and snorkels. Choose any equipment and add quality to your automobile. You will be shocked to see their products detailing, finished with hard work.


But, in case of having a damaged car, is it worth buying all the fancier products for that vehicle?! It might be a waste of money on products as well as the car. So how about knowing all the details of the car beforehand! It will help you make sure about the car’s functions and worth along with all past incidents for the safety aspect. We are here Quick Revs to remove your doubt offering you services of finding a detailed history of the car’s past.

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