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Amarok V6 Review Australia | Specification, Price, Functions. Features

Amarok V6 Review Australia

Every time you go out for car shopping, you’re stuck wondering which car to buy. It’s a difficult choice to make. There are so many things you need to be sure of. For instance, Car structure, Engine, Tires, Color, and Comfort level. These are just a few things you need to keep in mind. Other than this, when buying a car, Market Research is also necessary.  Word of mouth is one of the best market tactics. If you read online reviews, read about the market value of different cars, you’re one step closer to buying a more reliable car.


Speaking of cars, one of the popular cars these days is Volkswagen Amarok. Volkswagen is famous for producing big cars. It is one of the oldest and most popular car brands. Every year, Volkswagen comes up with a good number of new cars. It also ends up generating the most revenue from those cars. In 2016 and 2017, it was awarded as the largest automaker by Worldwide Sales. Volkswagen has been winning the hearts of people since its existence. It will continue to do so will its capacity to keep producing better and up to date products.


Amarok V6 has been winning the hearts of people since 2010. It was produced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The word Amarok means “Wolf”. This name was given due to the excellent performance and engine work that was built in by the engineers. If you want to judge the car’s ability to perform, note that, in November 2010, it was awarded 4 stars by EURO NCAP and in 2011, it received 5 stars from ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program).



Let’s move forward to the Amarok 2020 Specs. The question that arises here is that why should people buy this car? What makes this car appealing? Here are a few things that you would like to know about Amarok V6.



The Amarok V6 reliability is one consistent thing about this car. It has gone through different changes when it comes to the Engine of the vehicle. In 2010, its engine range consisted of two 2.0L Turbocharged Direct Injection Common Range Deiseal Engine. It was turned with more torque but less power. The entry-level version produced 90kW which generates a max. the torque of 340N-m from 2000 rmp. It has a 1000km range before it fills up for fuel.


In 2012, two more engine configurations were introduced. The 2.0L TDI 90 kW motor was upgraded to 103 kW of power and 2.0L Bi-TDI. The 2.0L has an optional 8-speed ZF engineered automatic transmission.

In 2014, an Amarok Dark Labeled Model was introduced. It was available for a limited time. It fitted with the 178 bhp, 2.0-litre BiTDI engine. It generated up to 420 Nm of torque and offered a maximum towing capacity of up to 3,200 kg.


In 2017, a facelifted Amarok range was introduced. This feature replaces the engine of the earlier model. This model is now fitted with a version of VW's 3.0L TDI V6. This is available in three states of tune: 120 kW (161 hp), 150 kW (201 hp), and 165 kW (221 hp)). It has the most powerful version boasting a torque output of 406 lb-ft (550 N⋅m) and a 0–62 mph (100 km/h) time of 9.1 seconds.

The Amarok 2019, otherwise known as Amarok V6 TDI offers up to 23% more power. It has 28% more torque while delivering lower emissions and decreased fuel consumption.



The best thing about the new Amarok 2020 is its eight-speed Auto with Manual mode. Its first gear is designed in a pseudo-low-range ratio and an eighth gear designed for highway cruising at low engine speed. This helps you save fuel.


Some other functions of the Amarok include the double-wishbone suspension at the front and leaf springs. This includes a stabilizer bar at the rear. Its payload is a competitive 976kg because of its 3080kg GVM. The Amarok seems to be composed of 650kg in the tub and a 100kg driver aboard. One of the reasons this car has a great selling vale is that the tub’s width is of 1222mm between the arches.

Additionally, it has an AWD system along with the hydraulic-assisted steering, which is well-weighted. Since the Amarok has a high range, it mostly relies on short first gear and hill-descent control electronics, which helps it climb over most objects.


It’s a traction-control system, it helps the wheels from spinning. It also helps the car run more smoothly and efficiently.


Comfort and Design:

When it comes to cars, you need to make sure they’re according to your needs of comfort. If you’re the only one using your car, your needs would be different. If you’re sharing a car with multiple people, your needs would be different. Amarok Volkswagen 2020, being a large car, has more space in it to fit more people. It’s leather seats and durable material gives you all the comfort you need. It has hard-wearing cloth seats for extra comfort.  


Amarok is designed in a way that it looks appealing to the eye. It’s hard exterior also prevents it from getting too damaged during an accident. It comes in different colors including yellow, black, red, gray and Silver.


Some other features include:

 ✓ Two-zone climate control

 ✓ Reversing camera

 ✓ Parking sensors at both ends

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ A leather steering wheel

 ✓ Smallish 6.3-inch screen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto (but no sat-nav)

 ✓ USB input

 ✓ Four 12V inputs

 ✓ Rain-sensing wipers

 ✓ A digital speedo

 ✓ 18-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Halogen headlights.



The Amarok V6 prices range between $32,297 to $80,95. Which is reasonable. If you’re looking to buy a car within a budget, Amarok V6 can be your ultimate choice.



The new Amarok 2020 Australia is the top-selling car in Australia and many people have some insightful thoughts to share about this car. Some of the Amarok V6 reviews include:


Review 1:

“Evaluating the Amarok Sportline V6 is actually quite simple. Its engine performance, general road manners and behavior when towing or lugging a load are hard to beat”


Review 2:

“Love my Amarok, but just recently the engine malfunction light came on and the Ute went into limp mode. I called my local VW dealer and they advised not to drive it until it was inspected, unfortunately, they couldn’t get it into the workshop for 3 weeks. So I called VW Liverpool NSW and they got booked in within 2 days. Then my Emissions control light also came on. And I could hear a knock. On inspection, they couldn’t do a normal reset on the emissions and had to call Germany. They couldn’t reset and advised to replace. The knock was my oil pump which also needed replacing. It will take over 4 weeks to get the parts and fix. The Ute is the V6 and is one year old.”


Review 3:

“This is my second one in 7 years. The first one I bought in 2012. It is so economical and smooth to drive.I have been on several outback journeys over many dirt roads and never had a problem.I have now bought the new V6 model and I think it is even smoother and still as economical.
I don't think I would ever drive another car after having these.”



In Conclusion, if you’re looking for a car that is reliable and can be used on a long-term basis, Amarok V6 should be your choice. This car has all the things you need. Along with the comfort level to 100. It can be used for multiple activities. It is also damage-free and works on the world’s best engine. Volkswagen is a well-known brand for a reason. Amarok is it’s the best production

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