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All You Need To Know About The Best Dash Cams In Australia

All You Need To Know About The Best Dash Cams In Australia


In recent years, dash cams have become one of the most popular car accessories among motorists. This is because no matter if one is sticking to the rules, there will always be someone who would not be doing the same. Therefore, if you ever met an accident then, a dash cam can help you in providing evidence to the insurance company.


However, finding the best dash cam is a little harder because there are plenty of options available in the market. This is why we will help our readers find out the dash cam that fits their needs and budget in this article!


What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam, also known as a dashboard camera, driving recorder or event data recorder (EDR), is an onboard camera that is used to record the view via the front or rear windscreen. The basic reason to install a dash cam is that it provides evidence against any action or event. In addition, it also provides a sense of security and satisfaction when one leaves their car parked. 


Types of Dashcams:

Choosing a dash cam is a long term investment, therefore choosing the right cam that fits your needs is very important. Here  are the most common types of dash cams available in Australia:


✓ Single Channel: face and record one direction

✓ Dual-Channel: faces and records out both the front and rear of the car.

✓ In-car: offers the car’s internal view, facing the car’s rear, so you get a view of the driver and passengers.


The Best Dash Cams In Australia:

Australians have lots of options when it comes to choosing a dash cam. Here are a few common brands you can choose:



Blackvue was established in 2007, and since then, it has been operating under the Pittasoft brand. It offers several dash cam models for Aussie motorists. Their models include Wi-Fi-based models that come with plenty of accessories. The majority of its models offer dual channelling. Their models also have infrared cameras and waterproof casing, and some are even capable of 4K imaging.


Here are its best models:

✓ om4K UHD Cloud dash cam (DR900S-1CH) 16GB – $565 RRP

✓ Full Wi-Fi dash cam (DR590W-1CH) 16GB – $250RRP

✓ Dual Full HD dash cam (DR590-2CH) 16GB – $320RRP


Dod Dashcam:

Dod dash cams are available in two ranges, the premium, and the everyday driving. These dash cams are easily available. The everyday driving range has models that offer 1080p recording, wide-dynamic lens, and parking surveillance mode. On the other hand, Premium models have built-in Wi-Fi and a range of accessories, including cords and mounts.


Here are some of Dod’s dash cams specific models:

✓ Wi-Fi 1080p Premium dash cam (RC500S-1CH) – $239RRP

✓ Dual channel Premium 1080p dash cam (RC500S-2CH) – $579RRP

✓ 7” LCD Screen Full HD dash cam (IS420W) – $199RRP


Garmin Dashcam:

This brand basically produces many modern electronics. This also includes dash cams. Although they may not offer many options, if you are in for a compact model that is also of good quality, then Garmin Dashcam is worth investigating. Most models are small but have the option of customisation. You can choose exactly what you need. Most of its models include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features and also a voice activation option so that you can keep your hands on the wheels.


Here are the two of their best models:

✓ Garmin 66W 1440p dash cam (010-02231-15) – $349RRP

✓ Garmin dash cam 55 plus voice control (010-01750-11) – $249RRP



Kapture is a brand that offers a range of dash cams. This includes dual and single channelled models. With these cams, you can keep an eye out from any angle. The high-end model comes with many incredible features, including a GPS logger and Lane Departure Warning. These options give drivers additional safety measures.


Here are some of our favourite dash cams

✓ KPT-700 Full HD dash cam – $149RRP

✓ KPT-150 HD Recorder – $49RRP

✓ KPT-942 Quad HD dash cam – $299RR


Uniden Dashcams:

Uniden is a famous brand in the industry of communication. They also offer a dash cam range known as iGo CAM. These are some of the most affordable dash cams that motorists should consider buying. Their dash cams offer features like 1080p resolution, parking mode and a 120-degree field of view. Those who are new in the dash cam market should opt for this cam as it is available online as well through some retailers.


Here are the best of Uniden dash cams

✓ iGo Cam 70R Smart dash cam – $299RRP

✓ iGo Cam 85R 4K dash cam – $350RRP

✓ iGo Cam 30 LCD dash cam – $99RRP


Some other dash cam brands:

The brands mentioned above are among the best dash cam brands in Australia. However, these brands are not the only ones.


Here we gathered a list of brands that offer the best car accessories, including dash cams:

✓ Gator Dash cam

✓ Navman Stealth Dashcam

✓ Lukas Dash cam

✓ NX Dash cam

✓ Street Guardian

✓ XCD Dash cam

✓ NanoCam

✓ Navig8r Dash cam


Consideration to make when buying a dash cam:

Although all the dash cams are quite similar, there is a lot of variety available with so many features. While looking for the best dash cams in Australia, one should consider the following factors:

✓ Video quality

✓ Lens 

✓ Size 

✓ Price

✓ App connectivity

✓ Heating protection



It is obvious that the world has all types of people. You might be among those who follow the rules and stay up to date with changes in the road rules, but there will always be some people who would be the exact opposite of you. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is important that you add a dash cam to your car.  A Dash cam can help you in saving money as well as your car. It can add to the security of your car and can also bear evidence for insurance companies. So make sure to look into different options and choose the dash cam that will ensure that your time behind the wheel is relaxing and safe. Another way to feel safer is by getting to know all about the car you drive. At Quick Revs, we provide our clients with the hidden past of their cars. Click here to get an easy to read and affordable history of your vehicle now!


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