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All About The 30-Second Awning, Is It Really Worth It?


In case you need an awning with a setup that is hassle-free, a huge shade footprint, and exquisite build quality, look no farther than the 30-Second Awning. 30 Second Awnings is one of the most significant investments in any camping setup to date. You can pull it up anywhere and have a shady spot.


Indeed, the cost is somewhat steep at more than $1000. However, this is an investment into a quality item that tackles the issue of shade, safety, and set up speed. Having this, you will no longer be fumbling the poles of your awning, snapping components, or spending 5+ minutes setting up a regular awning in the wind. You can effortlessly set the 30 Second Awning in a similar time it takes to air out a brew!


30 Second Awning is an extraordinary method to cover all collective pieces of your vehicle from the side to raise. It has around 12 square meters of the region under covers and no poles.  The manufacturer is 30 Second Wing Awning, and the model being reviewed is 30 Second Wing Awning. It is available at $1095 with a  Foxwing, batwing, 270 degrees pole less awning style.



The 30 Second Awning is comprised of 4 fundamental parts

 1. The Frame

 2. The Actual Awning

 3. The Pole

 4. The Bag


The frame is manufactured using top-notch and sturdy aluminum to be opened without any poles and set up in windy conditions. On the off chance that you need the additional support, extra aluminum poles are accessible, and it accompanies a swing down pole connected to the frame.


The 280gsm Ripblock Canvas gives 12 square meters of shade. This equivalent material additionally makes up the optional walls that can be bought alongside the awning. The thick material protects from the sun and rain. It is also water and rot-proof.


The 30-second awning comes with a thick PVC waterproof bag to secure the awning when not being used. The bag accompanies two zippers, so you can latch it to stop individuals from opening it while parked. 


Size and Weight:

The 30 Second Awning is undoubtedly not a lightweight or compact arrangement. It weighs 27 kg and measures 2.7 m long. To set it up, you might require some additional help to install the awning, yet it will be a breeze to utilize when set up.


The mix of aluminum design and thick 280gsm canvas makes up the weight and size of the awning. The manufacturers needed to utilize strong and sturdy materials to get a solid, windproof, shady arrangement.


It would be best if you guaranteed that the rooftop racks system you have set up is sufficient to support the load alongside whatever different accessories you expect to mount on the rooftop. Be that as it may, you get a huge room and alternatives to encase the region with walls.

Weight: 27 kg

 Closed Dimensions: 2.7m x 0.25 m

 Open Floor Space: 12 m square



 The setup speed is 30 Seconds!!

 It has Poles

 It has Pegs and guy ropes

 It may have Walls. It's an optional extra and is fully enclosed.


The 30 Second Awnings' most prominent feature is its set up speed. It very well may be completely set up in 30 seconds. The fast setup time is on account of the aluminum casing and its capacity to be set up without any poles. You will have 12 square meters of continuous and poleless space.


For the additional features, it accompanies the standard pegs, guy ropes, and additional poles. A pole is made into one of the arms that can be dropped down and set up if further support is required. The border of the awning has a zipper that permits you to connect the optional walls and make an encased space.


Encasing the awning and making a private space is an extraordinary method to make an additional room, block the sun or make a hindrance among you and your neighbor! 


Accessories of 30 Second Awning:

The extraordinary thing about the 30 Second Awning is that you can purchase various accessories to develop your camping insight further:

 Awning Walls

 Extra Poles

 Dome Tent

 LED Strip Light


Why is 30 Second Awning worth the money?

The 30 Second Awning is worth the money because the awning is easy and quick to set up. It gives a lot of shade. You can set it up at any random possibility. An ordinary awning might require 5 minutes to set up, so there may be little motivation behind why you probably won't utilize it.


The advantages of the 30 Second Awning implies that you are more likely to utilize it, which will be worth the cost. It is additionally worth focusing on that to get a similar space of cover. You should purchase two awnings which would cost you generally ~$300+ at any rate. Set aside the additional cash and buy something that will endure.


Another significant advantage is on the grounds that you can utilize the awning without poles. Therefore, you can quickly and effectively move your shade as the sun shifts. It will not be needed to pack it up and turn the vehicle! 


How to set up the 30 seconds awning?

The process of setting up a 30-second awning is very simple. You just need to:

 Open the bag

 Detach three velcro straps

 Stretch out the awning

 Lift up the topper

 Anchor it

 Voila, it is done!



 It has a fast set up speed

 It can be set up with no poles!

 It does come with poles if windy

 It has a strong aluminum frame

 It has a thick canvas

 It covers a large area (12m square)

 It has an excellent build quality



 It is not a cheap investment

 It is heavy

 It rides high; the brackets can be flipped but might obstruct the door.


Final verdict:

The 30 Second Wing Awning is a versatile awning for vehicles. It provides quick installation and a good shade area, free of poles and ropes. It is made from a high-quality aluminum frame and waterproof 280gsm Canvas. It will provide you with about 12sqm of shade in under 30 seconds. The perks that make it different from other awnings is that the canvas is a high-quality 280gsm riplock. It requires no poles or ropes unless the wind is howling.


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