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Aami Roadside Assistance Review | What you need to know?

Nobody ever knew what would happen, or when. But we must know how to deal with that, so you can continue ahead with everyday life without stressing. 


Aami roadside assistance is introduced when you need them in your difficult times. They will facilitate you with their best services and can ease your burden that you ever need to claim, eliminate the pressure and help you consistently. 


For more than 40 years, the level of service they have been provided makes us part. Similarly, for all the years ago, you can even now make a online 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 


You can message them all day, every day online, through email or Facebook or Twitter. Also, if you want to do things yourself, just as to pay, recharge or track a case, you can do a large portion of that online or directly from your mobile phone with our new mobile application. 


No matter how far you are, roadside assistance is always available for you, regardless of how you like to be served. No one has any idea of what will happen, or when. We must deal with it on our own. They arrange that, so you can continue ahead with everyday life without stressing. 


They are here when you need them. they will lessen your burden if you ever need to make a claim, take out the stress out of your life and help you at every step coming your way.



They can make you smile. From client support service to innovation of the technology and road safety, they have been regularly appreciated for the duty by the clients and to build a network.


The numerous awards won by Aami roadside assistance recently include:

 ✔ 2016 Global Reviews Digital Customer Experience Index

 ✔ FST Media Tech & Innovation in Financial Services

 ✔ Money Magazine Best of the Best

 ✔ Guidewire Global Innovation Awards

 ✔ Money Magazine Consumer Finance Awards



Two types of car insurances include:

 ✔ Comprehensive Car Insurance

 ✔ Third Party Property Car Insurance 


Car theft and damage:

You're secured for damage or misfortune brought by robbery, endeavored theft, collision, excessive damage and fire. 


Damage to other people's vehicles:

For damage to another person's vehicle or property, the aami car insurance company will safeguard you for up to $20 million. For damage to your vehicle, they will guarantee you for the amount you have secured for your vehicle. 


Accessories and Modifications:

At AAMI, they cover every legal adjustment and accessories that are fitted to your vehicle. There's no need to show them on your policy. Simply guaranteeing the amount you cover for your vehicle is sufficient enough to incorporate the estimation of all the protected accessories and adjustments. 


Hire Car Cover for no damage:

 ✔ AAMI car insurance will provide a hire vehicle to you after a no-fault accident (for countless days until your vehicle is fixed and returned, or your case is settled.) that you can give full details of the fault driver and their vehicle. 

 ✔ If your vehicle is taken, they'll keep you on the road with a hire car until your case is settled or your vehicle is returned to you, up to a limit of 21 days.


Third Party Car Insurance:

Third party car insurance offers cover for the damage caused to another person's vehicle or property if you're liable for it. It can also be an extra premium, including cover for loss or damage to, your vehicle brought by fire or robbery. It is different to Compulsory Third Party Insurance. 


Damage to other people's vehicles and property:

 ✔ Relax, they have you covered upto $20 million if your vehicle harms another person's vehicle or property. 

 ✔ Damage by uninsured drivers

 ✔ You're also covered upto $5,000 for the damage to your vehicle by an uninsured driver to blame.


Optional Services Aami Car Insurance offers:

1 Year Roadside Assist:

Purchase a new AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, and you can get 1 year free AAMI Roadside Assist. AAMI Roadside Assist assists with emergencies like punctured tires and batteries, lost or secured keys, and towing. 


Hire Car:

With optional car hire cover, you can enjoy the convenience of a hire vehicle when your vehicle's out of order due to an accident. Regardless of whether it's your own fault. They'll take care of the claim until your case is settled or your vehicle is returned to you. 


Flat tyres:

Theyll replace your tire with your vehicle's serviceable spare or tow your vehicle to an affirmed tire outlet/closest safety place.


Emergency fuel:

Aami roadside assistance gives you up to $10 fuel to help get you to the nearest petroleum station. Drive a LPG vehicle? They'll tow you to the closest station or safe area.


Windscreen & Window Glass Cover:

Have your windscreen or window glass fixed or replaced once a year, without paying an excess mount. Including windscreen, window or sunroof glass.



Aami roadside assistance is able to understand the devastating toll that the current bushfires and storms have caused on people, the community and nature. That is the reason they need to console you.They are here to help the individuals who are affected by the harm. Most importantly, it would be ideal if you remain safe. 

 ✔ No documentation required for claims 

 ✔ Help with Emergency Funds 

 ✔ Temporary accommodation can be organized for Home Insurance clients.


Why claim online?

 ✔ You can claim 24/7, at your convenient time.

 ✔ You can access via AAMI Online Services. 

 ✔ The process is simple and easy for guided claims. 

 ✔ You can book directly into a repairer. (for eligible claims/policies)

 ✔ The simple way to manage photos or documents easily

 ✔ Simply track or update your claim at any time anywhere.


Aami Roadside Assistance Reviews:

Review 1:

I remember when AAMI would not insure certain postcodes !! - fortunately insurance now appears to be based on driver history. I have been with another major insurer for many years but have other vehicles insured with AAMI and have now found AAMI currently outperforms the rest


Review 2:

I was able to switch my insurance after I realised that my old insurer was charging me almost double what AAMI would for the same cover. It was so easy to switch and I was able to do it all online.


Review 3:

Been searching for car insurance that won't break the bank for P Plate Driver and AAMI came out on top! Filling out details online was super easy and explained everything clearly


Review 4:

Occasionally, when I didn’t understand I was comfortably able to back track and fix my understanding, with the App Form correctly retaining all prior entries. Thank you


Review 5:

I don’t know how many years ‘no claim bonus’ I’d have. However supposedly I have $100 off my insurance to start with based on my safe driving rewards. Still

Couldn’t manage to negotiate any discount. Got exact same coverage as a new customer for $150 less. Ordinary approach to loyal members.



Aami roadside assistance has helped us in many ways. They have an affordable budget and a simple process to understand. In case of any danger or emergency reach out to the best services proposed by the best team working behind and you will be provided assistance within a short period of time. 


With all the aami roadside assistance reviews my opinion for the Aami roadside assistance company is different as my experience with the company was great. I would definitely recommend aami car insurance company in case of any emergency.


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