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76 Series Landcruiser Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

76 Series Landcruiser Review Australia

76 series Landcruiser is the name of comfort but not luxury. You can call it a combination of robustness and simplicity. According to some Australians, it is still the toughest vehicle. It comes with certain smart functions and a logical engine. But, it is known to endure big lazy engine feels. It is likely to be popular for its antiquity and sturdiness. You can acknowledge it as one of the heaviest cars of 2196 kg tare weight. The weight is all due to its classic steel-made ladder chassis. In order to gain some extra speed, you are going to need real solid acceleration because of its low gearing. You can enjoy an extra momentum but it might be difficult.


For years, tens of standard upgraded features have been made. Toyota Landcruiser 76 series shows better fuel economy meaning efficient fuel consumption. As we know the engine is one of the most important equipment, not to be offensive, but you can get a diesel V8 engine in any car. But the plus point is its dual lockable diffs. It enhances the vehicle’s off-road performance. It is designed with a shrunken Troop Carrier featuring standard towing capacity. This car is comparatively cheap and comprises updated cruise control making the ride smoother.


This marvelous car was introduced in March 2007. The company has been bringing surprising upgrades, making it a capable long-distance mile-eater. It is definitely not the lavish or deluxe wagon but in the automobile market, it might be the most appropriate choice for remote-area bush journeys. 76 series Landcruiser is a simple 4-door wagon presented with strengthened live axles up front and at the back, as well.


Some obvious upgrades also include the addition of coil spring front suspension. The car’s basic framework supports and broadens the driver’s all-round visibility. Oh, and you shouldn’t be worried about its inner space as it is accommodating and provides sufficient legroom. Without any extra luxurious details, it still runs proving the fact that “older version cars without extravagance can still take you on comfortable expeditions”.



Coming to the engine, the car is still following old techniques and equipment. The engineers have fitted heavy-duty suspension. It is a 4WD vehicle that regrettably lacks off-center steering. It features an extra durable colossal bonnet. Its specifications include a 4.5-liter turbo diesel V8 with a standard cylinder count.


For feasibility, you can find a manageable handbrake. It brings the 5-speed gearing system. It is made with manual control. You can experience smooth and mess-free transmission between gear shifting. Suspension errs simply make your journey comfortable with pleasurable vibes. After years of upgrades, it comes with classic traction control and brake assist. It also has hill hold assist/control which lets you enjoy a safe ride.


The drawback is its huge, ugly-looking, bulging underslung leaf springs at the back instead of coil spring suspension. The calculated engine power is 151 kW @ 3,400 rpm with torque of 430 NM @ 1,200 rpm. You must be thinking why it is considered economical! Because it is highly fuel-efficient representing 10.7L/100 km. The engine is set up with efficient 4 camshafts, 32 valves, and 8 pistons. The noted compression ratio of this car is 16.8:1. If you are planning for a long drive, this car is made with an amazing 130L fuel tank capacity. Additional specs include a limited-slip differential at the back. You will surely feel its muscular engine and ravishing power BUT…regrettably, the car is never going to run fast.



It has not only an old-fashioned engine but also a VERY basic interior. It lacks multiple advanced, high-tech, and improvised functionalities. What would you do if you get tired while driving? Probably nothing because 76 series Landcruiser lacks adjustable seat belts. It has no digital touchscreen display, which means it lacks infotainment. And you know the scariest part? It has absented enhanced active safety specs. Luckily it has manual air-conditioning with 2 airbags for the front row. You can find it stuffy with limited space. But, to maximize the space, it has one cup holder featured with a small center console. It lacks ISOFIX and USB portals.


The team has made quite an effort in introducing a dual DIN audio system. It has fast responsive Bluetooth connectivity. What about leather-wrapped, lavish, lush seats?! Unluckily, no! Its interior features coarse vinyl seats. It has handy and height compatible steering control. Don’t get disappointed if you can’t find a high-resolution digital screen. It has 2 presentable dials offering adequate driving information. In the mood of watching a movie? Treat yourself as Landcruiser 76 series has an accessible CD portal with radio accessibility. It has an MP3 compatible system with AM/FM tuner.


Let’s talk about its exterior! Unfortunately, it has no fancy halogen headlamps. The best feature is its thin A-pillars along with a deep glass. Previously there was no electric adjustment allowed in the side mirrors, but now thankfully, mirrors are upgraded, but still, no multifunction display on the dash upfront. The car has a striking grill, noticeable snorkel with a high roofline, and bulging wheel arches.


Cons of purchasing 76 series Landcruiser:

There are always some drawbacks to purchasing any car. Besides, bringing you unrefined drive, do you know a major drawback? It has a noisy engine.


Here we are highlighting some key features that are also absent in 76 series Landcruiser are: 

Advanced safety protocols

Privacy convenience features

The high technological and advanced interior

Front and rear parking sensors

Reversing camera at the rear

Dual-cone climate control

Efficient turning circle

Additional information

Its kerb weight is 2265 kg

It comes with a braked towing capacity of 3500 kg

Landcruiser 76 series has accessible and convenient remote central locking

Massive and well-accommodating cargo area. It can be accessed through barn doors

Front-passenger seat belt warning

Some safety features that you can find in the latest version and upgraded varieties are

ABS brakes, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

Electronic brake-force distribution


Final verdict:

It is a mixed bag that fulfills all the basic requirements but lacks advanced tech. It may give you a reliable ride but not the thrilling one! You can call it an appropriate wagon for family trips but be aware of its absent safety features. It has low cruising speed, a large radiator under a massive hood up front along with a rudimentary interior. You can count multiple limitations but don’t forget about its most solid and firmest layout. Dating back to its manufacturing years, there is a dire need of bringing some incredible upgrades to make 76 series Landcruiser worth the price.


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