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75 Series Landcruiser Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

75 Series Landcruiser Review Australia


We all know when in 1985, the Landcruiser lineage was originated how everyone got crazy with its well-built structure, sturdy construction, and appealing design. The 75 series Landcruiser is valued for its reliability. It is one big, heavy-duty 4-wheel vehicle that maintains the standard of a stable ride, exceptional engine durability, and spacious interior. But, yes, it does lack modern technology. It became the workhorse with a classic ladder frame chassis.


This Landcruiser drives brilliantly even under less than ideal conditions such as bumpy and gravel roads!


Considering it a more extended wheelbase version of the 70 series, it has a comfortable interior reflecting an agricultural affair. Its sturdy engine delivers excellent power accompanied by transmission of your desired level. On the inside, the controls are placed strategically. The reasonably laid out switches are at quick accessibility.


75 series Landcruiser Engine:

It has a decent level of speed, acceleration, braking power, and gearboxes. 75 series Lancruisier might not be the most cost-saving 4WD, but it is definitely not the worst. The engine setup is supported with incredibly rigid leaf spring suspension. The addition of solid and adjustable leaf-sprung axles lets you drive through a ditch. To guarantee a controlled chassis twist, the rigid leaf-spring equation is added. Absolutely a reliable suspension setup! It can run with ease even on tricky hills as it carries impressively enormous control.


The very first option you have in the engine configurations is 2H pushrod diesel. Moving on from this 1989 variant, you have a better pick available of a 4.2L. It comes with a sturdy overhead camshaft, and the engine is coded as 1HZ. It can produce power of 89kW at 4000 RPM. as far as the torque is concerned, the value is 271Nm at 2000 RPM. for enhancement, vacuum-operated diff locks come as optional. For 1HZ, the steering system is power-assisted. Moreover, the Cyclone Air Cleaner is a wonderful addition.


Need a little more extra? Look for the 1992 75 series Landcruiser models. They have a 1FZ-FE twin-cam, 24-valve petrol engine. These variants scored 4-wheel discs and drum-in-rear-disc parking brakes. With a slight refreshing, 1995 diesel versions are available with more power up to 96kW. In the 75 Series, the bodywork comprises petrol and diesel cab/chassis. Whereas the 75 series Landcruiser Troop Carriers have 3, 6, and 11-seat capacity options with a diesel pick-up. 90L fuel tank comes as an option.


After all this refinement, the ride quality of the 75 series is still questionable. Pity!


When you are provided with the twin-cam 4.5L petrol and diesel options, go for diesel. It is undeniably the best low-speed, offroad engine ever designed! In fact, always prefer a diesel engine. It has a good performance supported by satisfactory fuel consumption. The usual value for the fuel economy is approx. 12–13lt/100km. For a petrol engine, the value goes as 16–20lt/100km. Amazing ground clearance of 75 series Landcruiser is another plus.


75 series Landcruiser design:

To enhance its ease and driving comfortability, there are driving bucket seats. For passengers, there is a soft-felt bench. Yes, its legroom seems cramped, but it is pretty generous in the Troop Carrier and offers adequate head clearance. The improved comfortability specs perfectly complement the 75 series Landcruiser interior space. Despite its working-class vocation, the 75 Series Landcruiser is easy to maneuver. It has all controls amazingly operational and well-positioned. RV Model rear seats are uncomfortable but are well compensated with a good vision from the rear perch.


Air conditioning comes as an option. No doubt it is a well-sorted vehicle, but the primary attraction lies in its collection of the right specs for the value of money. You might find the base model somewhat cheap. The most unlikable feature is front seats that are pretty ordinary. The design is a full-electric operation.


The overall styling of the Landcruiser 75 series will make the heads turn your way. It comes with a better fit and finesse. It comes equipped with a standard 5.50 x 16 split rims. For recreational trips, you better choose wider single-piece wheels, either tubed or tubeless. The body layout ensures practicality, functionality, and style.


In 75 series Landcruiser 1HZ 75 series Landcruiser engine models, you get quality halogen headlamps. The bottom has resistant front & rear mudflaps. Privacy is maintained with the blue-tinted laminated windscreen. It is made spacious enough, leaving a space to keep a spare Wheel on the Back Door. The side door passenger impact-protection beams seem pretty impressive.


On the inside, it has:

✓ Engine Oil Level Warning Lamp

✓ Digital Clock

✓ Electronically Tuned AM/FM Radio with 4 Speakers

✓ Assist Grips on Dash and Door Frame

✓ Auto Reverse Stereo Cassette

✓ Non-Ignition Sensitive Fuel Level Gauge

✓ Instrument Illumination Control

✓ Quarter Vent Windows

✓ Sub Fuel Tank Gauge


Cons of buying Landcruiser 75 series:

✓ Not a satisfactory leg-room

✓ The across-vehicle rear seat on RV models appears slightly featureless and unsupportive

✓ Problems in the transfer case 

✓ Differential issues are common

✓ Unusual tapered shape

✓ Unstable airflow through the radiator


Final verdict:

75 series Landcruiser is really a good option whether you are buying a car for off-road or on-road driving. It has enough skills and strength to deliver a smooth ride. The interior and exterior meet the quality standards. Where the engine seems powerful, the design is also kept attractive. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will serve you the value for your money. The 75 series Landcruiser specs are astonishing.


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