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7 Best Off-Road Trailers In Australia

7 Best Off-Road Trailers In Australia


If you are optic for a beaten path, then the best travel trailers for you would be Off-Road Trailers. Off-road Camper trailers are specifically designed to be very durable and rugged. If a word could describe the Off-Road trailers, that would be wonderful. These trailers provide you with a campsite wherever you desire. Off-road trailers are perfect for a tent mount, minimalist gear storage, or even for a  full-service affair, and these trailers bring together the comfort of home. The features of the best off-road trailers let you enjoy and stay off-grid for days, weeks, and even months.


Off-road camper trailers are usually fitted with all-terrain suspensions and tires, and they are manufactured to follow your vehicles anywhere you want to go. But choosing the best Off-Road camper trailer from numerous options can be challenging as well as tiring. So in this article, for the people who travel, camp by day and sleep under the stars at night, we have collected the best off-road camper trailers in Australia. 


Best off-road camping trailers:

Here are the best off-road trailers in Australia that one should choose to accompany during their journeys. 


1. Bruder Campers:




The word Bruder means "brother". Bruder is an Australian RV manufacturer. This brand has two models of off-road trailer campers in their lineup, EXP-4 and EXP 6. Let's first talk about the EXP-4 off-road tailor. This model has a rugged build. The shape of the camper is teardrop-type. Moving to EXP 6, we can say that it is more of a traditional pull-behind. The EXP 6 model is the real off-grid beast trailer, and its features are not at all like the conventional pull-behind.


The Bruder EXP-6 also has two other variants. The EXP 6 includes a roof that moves up and down. This movement is obtained via using a roof lift patented by Bruder. On the other hand, the EXP-6 GT incorporates a fixed roof that is taller.


There are several technological features in the EXP 6 model that makes it an outstanding on-road trailer. Here are some of its unique features, including levelling by a touch of a button.  It also automatically adjusts its height depending on the terrain. On the inside, you get a touch screen that provides different controls, including lights and suspension, etc. 


2. Black Series Travel Trailers:




Although the Black Series off-road trailers are not as hot or stylish as the other off-road camper trailer models, they don't hold that against them. It is an original Australian brand. This off-road camper brand manufactures trailers that are tough and durable on the outside. Other than the strong-built, these off-road campers have a steel armour packing, 360-degree-rotating hitch and independent suspension. At the same time,  The interior of this model offers Airstream-like comfort and luxury. The Black series lineup has something for everyone, and you can easily choose from pop-top and full-height models that range from 20 to 26 feet long. 


3. Complete Campsite Fraser XTE:




Most heritage names of the off-road conventional camper trailers usually fall aways or stumble. However, the name Fraser XTE still exists, and that too is on the premium side of the off-road rear-folds available on the market. The off-road camper trailers of this brand have many features. Campsite Fraser XTE offroad trailer has automatic set-up, remote control system, cabin heating, and an excellent kitchen. The only issue is that it is on the pricey side and costs more than usual caravans. The cost of this off-road camper trailer is around $67,500—people who want luxury everywhere, even on the off-road, should go for this off-road trailer.


4. Mobi Nomad Mobi X:




If you are looking for a tiny on the road off-road camper trailer, then Mobi Nomad's Mobi X is the one for you. The incredible thing about this offroad camper is that despite being tiny when the trailer is parked and unfurled, it provides most of the comforts of home. This offroad trailer can provide the comfort of a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping room for up to six people. It also has a wide variety of standard equipment, making it an enjoyable and always ready off-road camper trailer. This trailer costs somewhere around $20,000.


5. Trackabout Explorer:




The most honest and hardworking trailers are of the Trackabout. Their latest models of off-road camper trailers are innovative, and their model named Explorer is one of the smallest walk-up campers available on the market. It has a folding bed design and is also very easy to set up. It also incorporates an awning arm system. If you are looking for a lightweight off-road camper trailer, this is the one for you. It is great for those travellers who often move from one place to another. It costs around $30,500 and is perfect for a small family.


6. Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper:




People who travel and tour a lot know how annoying it is to set up a tent when one takes a break in the middle of nowhere. To provide a solution to such campers, the Sunnyside Offroad brings the Boony Stomper. This off-road trailer provides a few frills and weighs about 586 pounds. This feature allows it to be towed by every vehicle—the long-travel suspension and aluminium-sided construction help this camper trailer with its trail performance.


7. Opus OP-15:


Opus OP-15


An off-road trailering experience doesn't need to demand some sacrifice. To make off-road trailing easy, the Opus OP-15 off-road trailer offers all the comfort of the house. This includes sleeping space for four people, a hot shower, and air conditioning in this smaller off-road camper trailer. The build of the OP-15  is also perfect, and it can stand still in front of anything Mother Nature can throw at you. It has a galvanised and welded stainless steel chassis and a trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers as well. 


Wrap up!

Although every off-road trailer is not for everyone, the above-mentioned seven off-road camper trailers are perfect, well-made, and innovative trailers. These trailers can make your tour worthwhile. If you are one of those people who genuinely like to go off the beaten path, any of the above off-road trailers might be right for you. Other than the camper trailers, one thing that matters most for a peaceful road trip is a vehicle that is in perfect condition. To know the state and the history of your car, write the details of your vehicle at the Quick Revs online platform and get all the information regarding your road partner! 


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