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7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers

7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers


Using the best camping trailer can make your camping experience wonderful with your friends or family.  A camper trailer is tugged into a motor vehicle. The main aim of a camper trailer is to offer a better and comfortable experience than a tent or caravan. As Australian camper trailers are more comfortable, many Australians prefer using them. There was an era when Australians bought Australian-made camper trailers, as many camper trailers were built locally. Now, different countries make camper trailers, but the best camper trailers are still made in Australia. In this article, we are going to introduce the seven best Australian made camper trailers that will make your camping fantastic.


Factors to consider when choosing a camper trailer:

While selecting the best Australian built camper trailers, one should focus on the following aspects:

✓ Weight and towing capacity

✓ Build quality

✓ Design

✓ Features


7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers:

These are some of the best camper trailers in Australia to buy.


1. Track Tvan Canning:

Track Tvan Canning


Track Tvan Canning is one of the most desirable camper trailers available on the market. Many travellers love this best camper trailer because of its extremely smart tent system, incredible teardrop design and military proven suspension system. If you choose these Australian built camper trailers, you will have the option to choose from four models. If you want to have comfort without going out of your budget, then we would recommend the third-tier Canning, as it is the one that has the best value. It costs around  $67,490 and suits many travellers.


2. Patriot X1:


Patriot is an Australian made camper trailer that is liked by almost all the campers. This is because these Aus made camper trailers are too good at everything. Their best model is the X1-Patriot. This is because it has features like a hard-topped roof, a soft-floor tent. This camper trailer sets up in an instant. The normal soft-floor tent version is said to go up in about two minutes. Most of the models of Patriots are expedition-style.


They have the following features:

✓ Great storage options

✓ An excellent kitchen

✓ Innovative features

✓ A stack of awards


These Australian built camper trailers cost roundabout $45,990 and are perfect for everyone as they have several options.


3. Walkabout Campers:

Walkabout Campers


The Walkabout campers are among the best camping trailers. These Australian made camper trailers are elegant and straightforward. In addition, these campers come in great colours. The tents are of high quality, and around the corner, the simple trailers are built. If you are looking for an Aussie trailer that is cheap, then this is the one for you! It costs from $6000


4. Cub Campers Frontier:

Cub Camper Frontier


Australia invented the concept of the forward-folding camper, but it took a long time for anyone here to have a good crack at it. The only Australian made camper trailer brand that was able to crack it is the Cub Campers Frontier. Their forward folding camper has the best tent set-up and comfortable and straightforward table features in a light trailer. It costs about $35,990, and although it suits travelling couples, it is also one of the best off-road camper trailers in Australia if you're looking for one for your family travels.


5. Cub Brumby:

Cub Brumby


One of the eldest and longest-standing camper trailer builders in Australia is the Cub, and the model that we have chosen for this brand's camper trailer reviews is the iconic Brumby model. This model of Australia made camper trailer is simple, small, solid and lightweight. This camper is easy to set and pack. It is perfect for a couple. This Australian built rear-fold camper comes at the best value of about $29,490. 


6. Jayco Eagle Outback:

Jayco Eagle Outback


The most famous Australian made camper trailer among families in Australia is the Jayco range of pop-up camper trailers. The camper trailer model that is under this brand's review is the  Eagle Outback. It has the best floor plan and a lounge next to a larger bed. This trailer is perfect when one wants to retire or have a quiet conversation. Other Jayco camper range is ideal for a family who camps together and stays together!  This best camper trailer Australia costs around  $28,990


7. Trackabout Explorer:

Trackabout explorer


If you are looking for an honest and hard-working camper trailer, then you are for a treat. This is because all the Trakabout models are honestly made and are really innovative. The Australian built Trackabout camper trailer that we will be discussing is the Explorer. It is the smallest camper on the market. It is a walk-up camper, which means that it has a walkway inside the trailer body. In this type of trailer, there is no ladder to climb into the bed because of the bed's folding design.  You can set this trailer camp quickly and easily. If you are a traveller who likes to move around with the best off-road camper trailer in Australia, then look no further. It is ideal for small families with a budget of  $30,500.


Final Verdict:

Having a good camper trailer means that you live in comfort wherever you choose to go for the traveller. Without a doubt, Australia made camper trailers are the best in quality, design, features, weight and towing capacity. The camper trailer reviews given above would help you to choose the best camper trailer in Australia. Besides that, for a peaceful journey, you should also have the perfect car. To select the vehicle with a clear history, ensure that you get checked the hidden past of the car you opt to purchase. At Quick Revs' online platform, just enter your car's details and get the history within a few minutes. 


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