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60 series Landcruiser Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

60 series Landcruiser Review Australia

In the past decades, Toyota has brought unlimited changes, or we can say upgrades in their Land Cruiser series. Especially, the 60 series Land Cruiser has been subjected to many advancements. It was manufactured from 1980 to 1990. But surprisingly, Venezuela continued its production till 1992. It was sold under the name of Toyota Samurai. No doubt it has amazing off-road 4X4 abilities but doesn’t forget it is an old car, with old specifications. Where it has a sturdy, massive, and accommodating layout, it has poor departure angle, no safety protocols, and many other luxuries missing.


If you are going on a long drive and need extra space for luggage or have a big family, a Land Cruiser is one of the best options you have. A 4-door wagon with its engine located up front under the hood having 5-8 seats.

Well, if you are looking for this vehicle, make sure you don’t buy a Japanese model. All import models have 24-volt power instead of 12-volt which is specially created in the Australian market.


Toyota is a famous Japanese enterprise engineering high-class vehicle for ages. All Toyota Land Cruisers are 4WD automobiles. Toyota 60 series Land Cruiser, referred to as FJ60, replaced the 55-series giving additional on-road driving comfort. There are many significant modifications, those of engine systems, transmissions, and Volt. Luckily, you can buy a 60 series land cruiser at a pretty decent price.


The 1981 version is one of the most remembered ones because of its fashionable high-roof adding 7th and 8th or 9th passengers. Another important transformation is in the 1985 model that comes with a Direct-injection 12H-T turbo diesel engine.



Unfortunately, we cannot say that it has a ravishing, speedy, and advanced engine. Its 4.0 L engine provides a maximum power of 155 hp. Their Semi-Elliptic leaf springs are highly reliable. In the 1988 model, you can find the toughest leaf-sprung ever created for 4WDs. The vehicles are equipped with a front disc and a rear drum braking system. If you are looking for a massive fuel tank capacity, you have chosen the right car! Its 1986 model has a 90L tank while maintaining fuel efficiency (17-20L/100 km).


In those 10 years’ time, loads of engine swaps were done. We advise you to buy any model but look for its engine type, fuel type, and transmission first.


Petrol engine:

4.2L 2F engine fitted as a standard in all early models of LandCruiser 60 series. It offers 100kW power and impressive off-road capacity.

4.0L 3F engine is a more powerful engine with enough torque to make your on-road drive comfortable. It is lighter and compactly made without decreasing fuel efficiency or consumption. The output value is 15PS to 155PS/4,200rpm.

4.0L 3F-E engine, the latest petrol engine with EFI for inspiring on the road and off-road performance.


Diesel engines:

4.0L 2H non-turbocharged, naturally aspirated engine giving sluggish feels. No doubt, 2H is stronger and highly reliable. It features in-line 6-Cyl with a swirl type combustion chamber. The engine size is 3,980cc, enough to offer 105PS/25.5kgm. It is easier to drive on freeways and is available in the 1982 variant.


4.0L 12H-T turbocharged engine which is equipped with the direct injection type having 100kW. It is a torque-rich and powerful engine with the same displacement as a non-turbocharged engine but with greater values of 135PS/32kgm. You will find it agile but it gives you maximum towing capacity.



Toyota Landcruiser 60 series has three types of gearboxes offering smoother transmission.

4-speed H41F or H42F which is a manual gear (In US-based models)

4-speed A440F, an automatic gear for efficient handling

5-speed H55F with manual gear shift



The 60 series Land Cruiser has multiple versions, sold under various names.

Deluxe G- The basic model

GX Sahara- The basic model

GXL- Better than basic versions with a gigantic layout and more comforts.

VX Sahara- Loaded with engine, design, and safety upgrades

Sahara- A nicer interior with roust exterior and turbocharged diesel engine



Moving onto 60 series Landcruiser interior, and exterior, probably you would not get impressed. It is simply a 4-door wagon with an extended wheelbase of 2,730 mm. If you have a big family or want to fit more people in a single-vehicle, it is a perfect option. It can accommodate up to 9 persons, as per the models’ layout. It has an amazing towing capacity (on braked) of 2500 lbs. The thing that makes the 1988 model stand out is visually appealing dual rectangle headlights. Otherwise, it holds the characteristic round headlamps.


Firstly, it has no digital, high resolution, HD screen upfront. On the other hand, its instrument panel seems quite old-fashioned put up with steel panels. The meter panel is a standard. Moreover, in the latest versions, you can have powered windows and more comfy seats with a sportier look. In the 1982 model, the best part is its electric moon roof. It has remote control mirrors, along with a few other luxurious details. The higher trims have an air conditioner, power, and height-adjustable steering.


The 1986 model has striking 15-inch rim wheels. Plus, you can climb into the 3rd seat but have to fold forward the 2nd seat, which could block the driver’s rear view. For a fancier touch, there are logically designed tail doors. These can be opened horizontally and vertically. Got excessive luggage? You can fit it right in, without disturbing the comfortability. There is always a surplus room for stocking bulky packages.


Deluxe GX:

'G' badge (on models earlier to 1987)

Lift up hatchback


Cassette player

Fabric wrapped interior with soft carpet flooring

Height modifiable steering

Chrome lining finesse


Digital clock




Bold chrome-plated rims

Single built front door glass

Tinted and electric window mirrors

LSD present

Central locking


VX Sahara:

Distinctive 'GX' badge

'VX' badge on the tailgate

Customizable High roof

Roomy interior with 8-person space

Electric sunroof

Tinted windows

No bench seat

Twofold air conditioning


Cons of buying 60 series Land Cruiser:

One of the most important parts of any vehicle is the braking system and the 60 series Land Cruiser lacks efficient and responsive brakes. Besides, the handbrake on all land cruisers is highly rigid.

You can feel unpowered engine in 4-speed automatic non-turbocharged setup

Suspension leafs are not as flexible, adaptable, and comfortable as the coil springs

Not so impressive safety features and cannot guarantee driving security

Lacks the LSD differential

The engine could get noisy on high acceleration

The feature of traction control is not available on all models

Another disastrous feature is, it has no infotainment screen or LCD

In the back rows, you will feel a little tight with restricted legroom

The delivery of the gear oil might be another issue

The automatic gearbox is known to use more power, increasing fuel consumption


Final verdict:

The 60 series Land Cruiser is built to last forever with its sturdy frame. You may face problems in driving a slow speed engine and possibly some rust issues. All models come in a boxier shape but, if you need a Land cruiser with a sleeker look, you can try the latest premium models. They are craftily engineered to maintain its more aerodynamic look.


As we have explained, it is an old car, a pretty old car! Before purchasing, you must make sure it is worth the value. First, read 60 series Landcruiser specs as we have highlighted, and second, search its past accidental, theft, and driving details. So, we are bringing you a 24/7 available online portal Quick Revs to check the car’s details by putting the model, year, and company particulars.

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