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6 Rooftop Tents In Australia

6 rooftop tents in Australia


If you plan to head off around Australia on a 4WD SUV, or van, then Rooftop tents are perfect for you. The latest rooftop tents are designed in a way that makes it easy to set them up. In addition, they offer super comfort, space, and protection when one sleeps on the roof of their vehicle. Their superior waterproofing and other such features protect you and keep you off the ground away from various elements.


Why Have Rooftop Tents In Australia?

Here are a few reasons that one should have rooftop tents in Australia:

✓ They are fast and easy to set up at the campsite and save time for some wilderness fun

✓ It keeps you away from the ground, snakes, mud, snow, animals, and other such things that would disturb your peaceful sleep

✓ Rooftop Tents are perfect for the night as most of them have a bedding option inside

✓ The rooftop tent serves as an awning as well as a ground-level annex


Factors To Consider While Buying Rooftop Tents:

The following factors should be considered when one decides to buy a Rooftop tent in Australia. 


✓ Size (close/open): The space should be considered once the rooftop tet is set up. 

✓ Storage capacity: The capacity to hold people should also be considered. 

✓ Weight: Ensure that the roof and the cargo rack can support the weight in motion and when the car is stationary. 

✓ Cover convenience: Easier the convenience to use the cover implies more fun on your trip. 

✓ Cost: The price tags differ, so one should find the one that fits their budget.  

✓ Durability: Informed decisions should be made before investing thousands of dollars into camping gear. That is why it must be durable. 

✓ Ease of assembly and installation: Analysing how easy or difficult it is to get your campsite ready for wilderness fun. 

✓ Delivery set: Consider what accessories can come with your tents like straps, mattresses, and more.


Six Best Rooftop Tents:

Based on the factors mentioned earlier, we've shortlisted six of the best rooftop tents in Australia.


1. Darche Panorama 2 With Annex Rooftop Tent:

We have included the Darche Panorama 2 in our list of best rooftop tents in Australia because it is a high-end rooftop tent. This rooftop tent is perfect for people who like the concept of the extra space provided by its built-in annex. This rooftop tent is built with known high-quality Darche, and it offers excellent ventilation as well. This rooftop tent might be challenging to pack down, and also it has less wind resistance while the vehicle is on the move. If you are looking for a good looking design with high quality built, then this is the perfect rooftop tent for you.


2. Dometic TRT 120E Electric RTT:

The second on our list is Dometic's rooftop camper. This tent is made using two layers of PVC covers that are water-resistant and have UPF 50+ protection. This implies that this rooftop can be comfortable even in a bitterly cold environment. This rooftop tent in Australia includes a ladder for easy access and weighs around 56 kg. The frame used in this tent is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy. It can be set up effortlessly because of its 12V operation and wireless remote control. It has a great sleeping area for two people. It also has double-layered mesh windows that offer fresh air but no midges. You even get a one-year warranty with this best rooftop tent.


3. iKamper SkyCamp 2X:

The position of the best hard shell rooftop tent in our list is given to the iKamper SkyCamp 2X. Many people praise this hard shell rooftop tent for being the best tent for two people. You can set it up in one minute, and it only weighs 55kg. 


The tent is made from fiber-reinforced plastic and includes a durable canvas made of 300gsm polycotton.


It offers the following features:

✓ Easy access

✓ Superb ventilation

✓ Mesh windows

✓ Doors on three sides

✓ 5cm-thick mattress


In addition to the above features, it also has a lock for the outer case to prevent theft. This hardshell rooftop tent is best for couples who want a unique stargazing experience.


4. Adventure Kings 4WD Weekender Roof Top Tent:

If you are looking for the best rooftop tent that is cheap, we recommend the Adventure Kings 4WD rooftop tent. This tent has a 320gsm polycotton ripstop. This provides it with the durability and strength to fight extreme weather conditions. It is perfect for humid places as all four sides of the tent are open and provide maximum airflow. The windows and doors also have a midge-proof and tear-resistant mesh and also a folding aluminium ladder. Setting up this rooftop tent is quite tricky but doable. On the inside, you will get a spacious area that will fit two people easily and add a 75mm foam mattress.


5. 23Zero Dakota 1400 Roof Top Tent:

The 23Zero Dakota rooftop tent is made with durable 280 gsm polycotton canvas. On the inside, it comes with a nice and thick 65 mm mattress.


It has the following features:

✓ PVC coated polyester insect mesh 

✓ Full-width side windows

✓ 2.3 m alloy ladder


The Dakota rooftop tents are manufactured using 23Zero's climate control Light Suppression Technology. This technology basically implies a dark coating that is applied to the inside of the canvas. This coating completely blocks sunlight and UV rays from entering the interior. This makes the inside cool during hot summers. 


6. James Baroud Vision Horizon:

If you are looking for a pricey rooftop tent, then the James Baroud Vision Horizon soft shell rooftop tent is the rooftop tent for you. The lightest rooftop tent on the market is probably this one, and it only weighs 48kgs. Despite being the most lightweight, it still offers plenty of literal space for sleeping. 


Its heavy-duty aluminised three synthetic fabric makes it unique from others. This fabric is water and UV damage-proof.  In addition, this rooftop tent in Australia reflects light and provides a cooler interior. It has an all-aluminium structure that does not degrade over time. If you are looking for a comfortable softshell rooftop tent that will last long, the James Baroud Vision Horizon is the best rooftop tent with the highest quality standards.



To save headaches and regrets in the future, researching big purchases is essential. This also goes for the purchase of rooftop tents. The reason behind it is that they are also very costly and it is easy to replace one every year. With the help of this article, we hope that you will get some guides in making the right choice. Choosing the right car is as important or is more important than selecting suitable rooftop tents. This is why you should know all about the hidden past of the vehicle you are deciding upon. In order to get a detailed report that has all the history of your car, use Quick Revs' online platform now!

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