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6 Best Forward Folding Camper Trailers In Australia

6 Best Forward Folding Camper Trailers In Australia


The most favourite camping trailer model of Australians is the Forward Folding Campers. They have become everybody’s favourite because they have a sleek and compact design and are entirely suitable for a family of four. 


The problem is that it is not easy to find  Forward folding camper trailers in Australia. The only 100% Australian made folding camper trailers are manufactured by Cub Campers. Forward folding campers are classic for a reason. The first thing is that these forward folding camper trailers can be set up quickly and efficiently, even by first-time campers.


Factor to consider for choosing Forward folding camper:

Here are a few factors that should be considered before buying a Forward folding trailer: 

✓ Space 

✓ Weight 

✓ Beds

✓ Storage

✓ Driving 


How to set up a Forward fold camper?

As the name suggests, the forward fold camper is simple and straightforward to set up. In order to set up the forward camper, you need to find the trailer’s lid forward. The base of the camper’s bed is made from the upside-down lid. Inside the forward fold camper trailer, there is a lounge area and a wraparound dinette. The interior space is really comfortable and relaxing. 


6 Best Forward Folding Camper Trailers:


1. Bluetongue Overland XF Lite:

The Bluetongue brand includes two forward fold campers in its range. Bluetongue Overland XF Lite camper is the cheaper one. However, it is cheaper but is more equipped. It is the most lightweight forward folding camper trailer on the market. Despite being lighter, it does not miss any of the essential features that a caper trailer must incorporate. The most notable feature of this forward fold camper is its kitchen area and its easy setup system. The cost of this camper is around $21,490.


Here are some of its specifications: 

✓ Length: 5300mm

✓ Width: 1900mm

✓ Height: 1400mm

✓ Weight (Tare/ATM/Tow Ball): 1235kg / 1700kg / 120kg

✓ Warranty: 12 months

✓ Sleep: Four

✓ Water capacity: 120L 


2. Signature Campers Elite X:

Most forward fold camper trailers look similar, so it is hard to distinguish one from the other. But the newest Signature Campers Elite X is easily distinguishable. This is because rather than a generic system ordered from a catalogue, this forward fold camper has an excellent storage rack and an independent suspension that is locally developed. The interior styling of this camper trailer forward fold is great, and the inside look is what most people love about it. This is a comfortable camper for people who yearn for comfort, and, unlike other forward fold campers, this camper has easy to access literal storage solutions. The camper costs about $23,490.


3. Jayco JTrak:

Jayco JTrak is an Australian brand that manufactures forward fold camper trailers. The amazing thing that differentiates this camper from others is that it is the cheapest Australia made forward fold camper. All of the features of Jayco JTrak campers are similar to the other forward fold camper trailers, the only feature that is better in this camper is its chassis. The chassis of these forward folding campers are well-engineered. The service of this camper is also not an issue as there are many Jayco service centres. The main reason that this folding forward trailer made it to this list is that it also has a good warranty. There are four variants of these forward fold campers, and they all cost somewhere around $17,495.


4. ModCon Quattro:

The only forward folding camper trailer that has a rear entry is the ModCon Quattro. This is the feature that lets it stand out from the others. The rear entrance implies that the camper’s body can be accessed even when it is packed up! In addition, the two lounges that this forward fold camper has can be used as a pair of single beds for children. Although ModCon is now built overseas, still it is the only Australian brand that has sold more forward-fold campers than any other. This unique forward folding camper costs about $23,490. 


5. Cub Campers Frontier:

The concept of forward folding camper trailers was firstly introduced by Australians, but it took everyone a long time to have a good hold on it. The only entirely Australian made forward folding camper trailer is the Cub Frontier. This forward fold camper trailer has the best tent setup. It is a light camper that has all the essential and comfortable features. This camper is best for couples as well as for the people who are considering one for their family tour. The cost of this forward fold trailer is around $35,990.


Here are some of its specifications:

✓ Length: 5500mm

✓ Width: 1950mm

✓ Height: 1550mm

✓ Weight (Tare, ATM, Tow Ball): 1232kg / 1750kg / 145kg

✓ Warranty: 5 years

✓ Sleep: Four

✓ Water capacity (Fresh/Grey): 100L / n/a


6. Ultimate XTerran:

Technically speaking, this camper is not a forward fold one. This model makes it to the list because its concept is somewhat identical. This camper trailer has one of the most iconic shapes. By the end of 2018, the Ultimate campers were bailed out of administration. All the other forward folding camper trailers have copied the interior lounge and flip-over bed concept from this trailer’s brand. If you are looking for comfort that a caravan provides but resist buying one, then this camper trailer is the one for you. 



In this article, we have mentioned some of the best forward-fold campers on the market. If you love travelling and are looking forward to buying one, we recommend choosing one from the list above. In addition to that, going on a journey also requires a good four-wheeler. Therefore it is essential to have the best vehicle as your partner. In order to ensure that your partner (car) will not cheat on you, we recommend getting it hidden. We at Quick Revs facilitate our readers in this regard as well. So if you want the history of your car, enter the needed details, and voila, you have an easy to read document that contains all the needed information.

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