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57 Chevy Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


57 Chevy Review Australia


One of the most popularly purchased, and uniquely marketed Chevrolet is 1957 Chevrolet. It is usually called '57 Chevy. Produced in 1956 for 1957, it comes in three trims depending on the specs and advancement. The best option is the “upscale Bel-Air”. You can opt for others as well in case of a tight budget or preferring comfort to luxury. The mid-range is called Two-Ten, and the last variant is called One-Fifty. We can say it is a “sought after classic automobile”.


As the advertisements say: The car is laden with “Sweet” styling features. The Turboglide transmission is extra “Smooth”. And, the fuel-injected V-8 engine is extremely “Sassy” to drive. This '57 Chevy is absolutely an auto-icon. Being one of the most celebrated collector cars it would not be a wrong decision to buy it in 2021. With its commanding design and engaging ride, it can do wonders. Get ready to have an unforgettable driving experience in this renowned “ultimate Classic Chevrolet”.



If you are buying any of the early versions, you will be getting a 3.9L Blue Flame inline 6-cylinder engine instead of V8. The engine is designed to deliver a whopping power of 104 kW. Obviously, power is pretty less in comparison to the V8. The company has modified the '57 Chevy several times. It has made it work for the difficult roads. Its ride feels so tight and completely rattle-free.


If you prefer revved-up engines over any other comfort feature, the V8 cannot be beaten. In the aspect of speed, power, and durability, it is singular. The V8 is called the "Turbo-Fire" engine for a reason. It has the ability to offer amazing 121 kW power. Still not satisfied with the speed and need more power for accelerated performance? The V8 engine with the configuration of a 283 CU and classic twin- or four-barrel carburetor is your option. Strong enough to deliver the power of 138 kW with twin-barrel and 164 kW with a four-barrel carburetor. Adding to your surprise, the last one is called "Super "Turbo-Fire". Truly speaking, it truly deserves to be called this!


The key features of the four-barrel setup in '57 Chevy are the "Duntov" cam and solid lifters. The use of the fuel injection as an option adds to the thrill. If we compare the smoothness, you must go for Blue Flame Six. It runs much smoother than the V8 engine. It works notably better even with its single one-barrel carburetor.


Transmission options:

3-speed manual

2-speed Powerglide automatic

Turboglide automatic (infused with additional 'hill retarder' ratio to support downhill braking)



Do you know what makes the '57 Chevy 4-door hardtop stand out? Especially reinforced rear roof layout guaranteeing extra firmness along with bringing a touch of a singular appearance in silhouette.


The simplest way to explain its design is by calling it Baby Cadillac, because of its multiple styling features that are visually comparable to Cadillacs of the time. You would find a cunning resemblance. The variants with the V8 engine can be spotted from a distance as they come featured with a massive "V" placed right under the Chevrolet script. It appears best and compliments the hood and trunk lid design. For the '57 Chevy Bel Air that is the highest spec model, the "V” is signified written in gold, absolutely fascinating.


Everybody style has its distinctive styling. For instance, the '57 Chevy 2-door Bel Air Nomad station wagon has a different, cleaner roofline and dandy rear deck. On the front, the car gives a robust appearance. All credit goes to a refined grille, broader grille bar, and eye-catching bumper bullets. The headlight bezels cannot be ignored at all. With extensively deep hooded headlights, the car looks not only stylish but also practical. The pointed fin-like rear quarter panels add to the fashion while giving the larger and lower outlook.


Made in an incredible Fisher Body quality you would surely like '57 Chevy at first glance. The larger windshield complimented with twin hood rockets and lavish gold-furnished forward-facing fender hash marks looks just amazing. Its smaller size makes it a good choice although the styling is done to make it appear bigger and bolder. Another part of the rear that looks amazing is the rear lights that are formed in a half-moon mated with a rear bumper.


Chevrolet Bel Air:

The Chevy Bel Air 57 is the upscale, high spec trim and a full-size trim of '57 Chevy. But in how many ways, it is different from other trims?


Starting from the engine, it has a massive 4.6L "Super Turbo-Fire V8" engine guaranteed to provide maximum power of 211 kW @ 6200 rpm. It is supported with a reasonable torque of 290 lb⋅ft @ 4400 rpm. Equipped with carburetion, the effectiveness of the engine has been enhanced to the maximum. You will be getting a 2-speed Powerglide auto transmission as standard with an optional choice of Turboglide automatic. With the use of tech, the "shifting" has made it imperceptible.


If we start analyzing from the inside, you will find '57 Chevy extra spacious combined with tasteful trimming and satisfying yet basic instrumentation. Where outside has attention-grabbing tail fins and chrome finessing, the interior has an amazing spec and color schemes. This right-hand drive car delivers a balanced mix of elegance and performance, everything at an appealing price tag. It would sound so strange imagining this old car, but it was even a much superior technical accomplishment than it typically gets praise for.


The key appealing feature is the gold-accented exterior. But, we know, everything comes with a backside and its drawback is the dashboard that has been turned basic by substituting the oil pressure and generator gauges with “idiot lights”. '57 Chevy has wonderfully managed to make the cabin look decent in nearly any shade.


Final verdict:

If we sum up, we can say, this old classic '57 Chevy is loaded with a wide variety of groundbreaking specs including the Turboglide transmission bringing smoother shifting. A perfect blend of V8 punchy engine and sophistication is what it has to offer to all users. Enthusiastic classic car collectors could thus pay for a used '57 Chevy as their first buy as they are not only easy to maintain but also cheap.


After reviewing car details, if you have made up your mind, then it would be better to be 100% sure. Just to be clear about your choice, get a detailed history of car theft and accidents. We are bringing you an all-time available portal for instant search.


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