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5 Best Lightweight Campers Trailer In Australia

5 Best Lightweight Campers Trailer In Australia


Without a doubt, for a decent and more effortless off-road towing, there is nothing better than a lightweight camper trailer. However, just for having lightweight trailers, one does not need to sacrifice strength and durability. Therefore in this article, we will be mentioning a few of the best lightweight camper trailers in Australia that are also durable and long-lasting. While researching, the most lightweight trailers that we came across were all made by Aussie campers. To know about the best lightweight camper trailer available in Australia, keep on reading!


5 Best Lightweight Camper Trailers:

Here is the list of the lightest camper trailers that are available on the Australia trailer market:


1. Pod Trailers Roof Top Campers (It almost weighs 400 kgs):

The pods' trailers are the most lightweight off-road camper trailer in Australia. They are manufactured from stuff that is similar to plastic wheel-barrows. It has an Allroad design which is the most common off-road specification trailer that is seen at most places.  It is so light that it does not even require fitting brakes to the trailer. It is one of the earliest to adopt loft-style campers.


Its simple and straightforward design has the following features: 

✓ A specially made roof-top tent

✓ A nice open storage area

✓ A couple of various options for the kitchen 


If you are looking for a simple, durable, yet light camper trailer, this is the one for you as you can take it anywhere you want. 


2. Ultimate Campers (It almost weighs 850 kgs):

When it comes to the design and style, most of the camper trailers on the market today have taken influence from the desirable Ultimate Campers. From forward folding campers to the hybrid camper trailers, all have taken some sort of inspiration from these ultimate lightweight campers. For the most forward-fold campers, this camper brought the idea of a kitchenette, internal lounge and side-hinged lid. As for the off-road camper trailers, this trailer brought caravan comfort long before anyone thought about it.


Here are a few of the features that make this amazing camper trailer lightweight ad at the same time practical: 

✓ Fibreglass body

✓ Excellent engineering

✓ Off-road ability

✓ Massive storage capacity

✓ The simplicity of its set-up 

✓ Has even an automatic opening version


3. Cub Campers Brumby  (It almost weighs 885 kgs):

The Brumby is Cub's entry-level lightweight off-road camper trailer. It is also one of the best value camper trailers in its range. The Cub Daintree is the trailer that has inspired the version of Brumby, but the Cub later discontinued the Daintree version as most people would go for Brumby. This is on the grounds that Brumby provides tons of other benefits along with benefits of Daintree that too for a very little price increase.


This lightweight trailer has the following features:

✓ An independent coil-spring suspension

✓ Can carry 80-litres of water (with an optional second tank)

✓ It has a 100ah battery (with an optional second one

✓ Good ground clearance

✓ A great slide-out kitchen

✓ Really easy set-up 


It has a load capacity of over 500kg due to its sub-900kg tare, which is very handy. Like all Cubs, this lightweight camper trailer is also made from Australian steel using Australian canvas.


4. Track Trailer Tvan (It weight around 940 to 1100 kgs):

This lightweight camper trailer is one of the iconic models of Track Trailer Tvan. It has been around for almost twenty years. We can say that this is the camper trailer that has potentially spawned a movement to have fully-enclosed hybrid caravans or campers. It has always aspired to the campers not just for the looks but also because of some of its unique features.


Some of these features include:

✓ On and off-road, the a-symmetric independent suspension is really good

✓ It has got one of the best kitchens in the lightweight camper trailers

✓ The tent section is simple and easy to set and pack up

✓ The teardrop shape makes the bed always accessible


It has a bonus that you can still sleep inside anyway, even if it's too wet or you're too tired.


5. Kimberley Kamper (It weighs around 1080 kg):

Three camper trailers producers have been ruling the camper trailer world since the early- to mid-2000s. Every manufacturer had their own different idea on what the best design should be. The two of the brands have been mentioned already. Now we are going to talk about the third, which is named Kimberley Kampers.


The main focus of this brand has been on three things:

✓ Integration of technology

✓ Reducing weight

✓ Engineering ingenuity


Keeping in mind the above feature, they manufacture their feature-packed rear-fold camper trailers. Their lightweight camper trailers are at least 150kg lighter than their direct competitors. The things they use, from the canvas used in the tent to the type of suspension used and even the batteries used under the bed, are used keeping the factor of weight in mind. They do not compromise on strength or durability but ensure that a few grams should be saved wherever possible!



These are some of the best Australian lightweight camper trailers in the market. We hope that with the help of this guide, you will be able to get your hands on the lightweight camper trailer that suits your needs and keeps you on the go! In addition to this, if you want to ensure that your ride is also perfect and has no issues in the past, you can check its hidden past here at Quick Revs. We provide the history of all Australian cars at affordable prices and on an easy-to-read document. For more information regarding this service, click here! 


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