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  • 220i BMW Convertible Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

220i BMW Convertible Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

220i BMW Convertible Review Australia


People who love the upmarket German marque will definitely know that the convertible format of the BMW 2 Series is the pure version of the BMW.  The reason behind this is that the series 2 comes with a rear-wheel-drive that is offered by either a straight four or six-cylinder engine. The BMW 220i convertible shares its '2 Series' numbering system with the new BMW model that accompanies a transverse engine and front-wheel drive, yet the 220i model is different from where most people expect, i.e. between the rear wheels. 


BMW 220i engine:

The BMW 220i convertible and its brother 228i both come in different versions of a four-cylinder 2.0-litre TwinPower turbo-petrol engine. The 220i convertible has a twin-scroll turbo and not the two turbochargers as most people would be expected from the name. 


The  220i BMW produces 135kW of power and 270 Nm of torque from 1250 to 4500rpm. The car has a good spread that keeps the one who is driving at the peak of the torque most of the time. The Australian model is mated with an eight-speed auto, but you can also order a six-speed manual if you want. 


BMW 220i exterior:

The arrival of the Convertible Series 2 of the BMW has replaced the open-top Series 1 of the BMW. Also, the new 2015 BMW 220i Convertible is more in size than its predecessor. The measurement of the new BMW 220i has increased 72mm in length, and now it is 4432mm in length and 1774mm in width, which is 27mm larger than its predecessor. The wheelbase has increased by 30mm, which implies that the new measurement of the wheelbase is around 2690mm, ensuring that the overhangs haven't grown much.


The reason that the new 2 series has increased in size is that the platform it has taken from comes from the BMW 3 series. The 220i looks small but has a very purposeful stance that is even better than the old series.


Most people still like the convertible that comes with soft tops and not metal folding tops. The reason behind this is that the tops are closed most of the time, and this way, your car will look like a convertible and not a closed coupe. The roof of the BMW 220i folds into the body, providing a boat-deck look.  


BMW 220i interior:

The BMW 220i has a very good interior. Inside the cabin, in front of the driver, there are important large dials under a shroud, and the dash is also made with great quality materials that portray the perfect image of the brand. In the centre of the dash, you will get a multimedia screen that is deeper than it is in other models, and it is also more usable. Inside you will also get to use the new-generation Professional navigation system.


In the new navigation system, you will get free-of-charge, over-the-air updating of navigation data through a built-in SIM card. If you opt for the BMW's ConnectedDrive Services package, the car will provide you with telephone and internet-based services. There is also an option to add other technological functions via apps. 


That was all about the technology that you will get inside. Now let's talk about the seats of the car. It has leather seats that have been treated with sun reflective upholstery to reduce discolouration. The front seats of the car provide proper support and good sideway support. On the rear seat, the space is not that ample despite the fact that it has a longer wheelbase. We are not a fan of the back seats as they are very firm and fairly upright. 


The only good thing is that getting in and out of the rear is easy as the front seats slide forward and the doors are wide. You can say that the convertible is not a four-seater and is actually a two-plus-two. It has a useful boot that has 335 litres of boot space when the roof is up, and when it is closed, you get 280 litres. 


BMW 220i safety:

The BMW 220i 2015 comes with a BMW Driving Assistant option. In this option, you will get some amazing safety features that include Lane Departure Warning and Lane Collision Warning. The lane departure warning starts when the one speeds over 70km/h. The alert system works by visual signals in the instrument cluster, and the steering wheel also vibrates.  


The Collision Warning detects when the vehicle starts to get too close to the cars in front and provides visual and audible warnings. As soon as the driver hits the pedal, the brakes system tries to minimise the braking distance.


BMW 220i price:

The BMW 220i 2015 will at least be available at $18,999, and the highest price goes to $48,990. 



 It has a soft top and not a folding metal roof

 The 'Boat Deck' look makes it look impressive

 It has superb road holding



 There are hints of body flex

 The performance is not as good as from a N/A BMW engine

 It is a two-plus-two instead of a four-seater


The final verdict!

The BMW 220i has a smooth drive, and it will surely attract people who are looking for open-top cars. If you are one of them, then know that although it is not a hot machine, it does provide performance that is enough for most. It is also available at a reasonable price, but before making such an important deal ensure that the history of the car is without any marks. To get the whole history of any car in Australia, use the Quick Revs online platform. 

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