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2006 Mazda 6 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

2006 Mazda 6 Review Australia


Mazda 6 is a family car that one cannot resist admiring for many reasons. Its comfortability, safety, and attractive design are on the top of the list. It is, undoubtedly, a fun car to drive that happens to be easy to steer. On the one hand, it has slick-shifting transmission. On the other hand, it has smooth power delivery. Mazda 6 sedan ensures a balanced combination of impressive mechanics with a well-appointed interior and spacious passenger room. You can have Mazda in various body styles - a sedan, a wagon, a 5-door hatchback. Among all, the wagon is genuinely sporty, equipped with outstanding cargo-hauling versatility.


2006 Mazda 6 engine :

On the base model, a 2.3L 4-cyl engine comes as standard. It is enough to deliver 160 hp. Moreover, it has two transmission picks: 5-speed manual as standard and 5-speed automatic as optional. Moving up to the higher trim, Mazda 6 S model has a robust 3L V6 engine. It produces 215 hp whether you choose a 5-speed manual transmission (standard) or 6-speed automatic transmission (optional). That is not all! The V6 engine tends to come with modified exhausts to improve emissions. The best part is that ABS and traction control are standard on all Mazda 6 I models.


The engines are not remarkably powerful. But, the smoothness, quietness, and untroublesome power delivery in V6 setups deserve appreciation. The Mazda 6 engine is not noisy but makes the grunt when accelerated hard. Another distinctive feature of V6 is the improved gear spacing. All automatic gearshifts are not only receptive but also smooth. The crisp brakes deliver tremendous stopping power. The ventilated front disc brakes are now bigger, reducing the stopping distances.


2006 Mazda 6 road performance:

You can expect the car to be thrilling behind the steering. In fact, its steering wheel seems pretty communicative. It takes you on a long journey hassle-free. Whether you are on the driving seat, passenger, or back seat, you can enjoy your highway ride. The directional steering is compatible with all engine configurations. Its superb balance is maintained with adjustable suspension. It neither lacks the ride quality nor the road handling. The motors are laid out nicely for tidy maneuverability. Overall, it stays calm on all Mazda 6 speeds but gets slightly firm at low accelerations. While you pick the pace, you will experience refinement in its drivability.


You will surely be amazed at the responsive engines. The driving experience is unforgettable due to agile handling. Besides, how can you not like its cornering abilities with minimal body roll? If you are not impressed with its performance, you will never be able to escape the magic of its sports appeal. A big thanks to the anti-roll bars for offering tenacious grip. You will not experience understeering. You can switch to the Sport Shift mode for a good road feel. You can make a manual shift.


Mazda 6 2006 exterior:

Starting with the body styles, each design is perfectly laid out to make heads turn your way. The Mazda 6 sedan is equally alluring as a wagon or 5-door Mazda 6 hatchback is. The stylishness and elegance are maintained. Every inch reflects the quality. There is the base I and high-line S trims available for sedans and hatchbacks. For wagons, there is only S trim. Their lists of specs are pretty long, but you can expect S-trims to be more lavish. All 2006 vehicles are now featured with eye-catching front and rear fascia. If you are interested in buying sport package-equipped models, be ready to get a tough-looking grille and unique side sill design.


Its muscular conservatism makes Mazda 6 more enticing. It is safe to say that designers have carefully planned its lower and upper body, keeping the perfect proportions. Where the roof shape is modish, it also serves the purpose. It appears compact and carries a sleek profile. 2006 Mazda 6 has a striking contemporary design accompanied with solid build quality. What else do you need?!


2006 Mazda 6 interior:

As soon as you sit inside the car, you will feel the thrust of comfort. Everything fitted inside makes sense and adds to its beauty. The cabin reflects sharp looks. Each button is easy to access, clean, and extremely easy to operate. Although it fails to meet the premium-quality stuff, the material is attractive enough. Where the space is generous, the roomiest of all is the wagon.


All exclusive bucket seats (front and second row) are comfy, supportive, and of suitable shape. The driver's seat ensures an excellent forward vision. Nicely placed seats are complemented with a versatile range of seat adjustments. It will turn your hard driving into a trouble-free journey. You can get a lumbar adjuster as an option to double your all-day comfort. No one likes unnecessary metals or plastics. And in Mazda 6 interior, all you will get is carbon fiber, titanium, and body-color finesse. If you want to feel luxurious, you are welcome to buy a leather Package. It will add cowhide where suits.


The Mazda 6 features chic scuff plates having tantalizing stainless-steel inserts – marvelous! The aluminum pedals bring more extravagance. On the one hand, cloth interior provides an enjoyable mix of soft-felt fabrics. On the other hand, the lavish leather upholstery spices up the bravura. You will get durable-looking seat bolsters. The smart door fabric placement will catch your attention right away. The reason behind its flat trunk floor is the compact, lateral-link rear suspension.


The rear liftgate gives access to a massive cargo compartment of the Mazda 6 hatchback. The cargo tie-downs and dual hidden compartments are added to the side panels for multiple purposes. As a standard, electroluminescent gauges are illuminated in white light. All gauges look nice and large, providing sufficient and understandable details. Moreover, there is refined heating/air conditioning system. You can set the temperature with 3 big knobs. The Bose radio is operated with shiny black buttons. You will get loads of open and covered storage for ease.


Standard Specifications on I Trim:

 A tilt/telescoping steering wheel

 Air conditioning

 CD stereo

 Steering wheel-mounted audio controls

 Cruise control

 Power windows

 Power mirrors


Standard Specifications on S Trim:

Following Mazda 6 specs are added to the I level trim:

 17-inch alloy wheels

 Power driver seat

 Automatic climate control


Sport Package:

You can opt for a sports package on I and S trim. It will add:

 Fog lights

 Underbody kit

 Faux titanium interior trim

 A rear spoiler


Grand Touring Package:

In addition to the sport package features, Gran Touring provides:

 Automatic transmission

 Leather upholstery

 Red electroluminescent gauges


 Bose stereo

 In-dash cd changer

 Heated seats

 Heated mirrors.

 8-way power driver seat (only in S models)


2006 Mazda 6 Price:

 6i sedan is available at $19,110

 6i Sport sedan is available at $21,810

 6i Sport hatchback is available at $22,210

 6i Grand Touring sedan is available at $24,710


Cons of buying Mazda 6:

 Tight rear shoulder space

 Reversing is tricky as the high boot line limits the back view

 It can get a little bouncy on particular roads/pavement

 Sometimes, road vibration comes through


Final Verdict:

2006 Mazda has a pleasant cabin, sharp road manners, and solid chassis without compromising safety. Yes, it does look smaller in comparison to the competitors. The difference is not noticeable. The stylish design brings the necessary zing of panache - one handsome beast. It will indeed become your go-to daily commute in no time. A good-looking family hatch is a sensible yet not a dull pick. On the darker side, you will find the drivetrain not so powerful.

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