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105 Series Landcruiser Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

105 Series Landcruiser Review Australia


Toyota Land Cruiser series needs no fancy introduction and especially if we talk about its four-wheel drive.


Are you in the search of a long-term thrilling rig? A 105 Series Landcruiser will be an ideal option to choose. In terms of reliability, it is satisfactory. The power is amazingly balanced through live axles and ABS. Overall, the vehicle is designed with an impressive and sturdy chassis. Similar to the 80-series style, it is available in three trims: Standard, RV, and GXL. The incredible 6-cyl engines are the highlight. But, wait! You can have the turbo-charged diesel engine, as well. In short, it is an unbeatable package. The adaptable suspensions make it perfect for touring with the family by providing a significant strength upgrade.


The Toyota 4WD Land Cruiser series is the product of a Japanese automotive company called Toyota. The manufacturing of the Land Cruiser was started back in 1951. The Toyota's latest versions are somewhat exceptional. You can get your Land Cruiser in a convertible, hardtop, station wagon, or cab chassis style. When we talk about the J100 series introduced in 1998, we have two picks: the 100 and the 105.


No doubt, both versions have a similar outlook but the difference lies in the engine. Also, called as Lexus LX 470, a 105 Series Landcruiser is something special.


105 Series Landcruiser Engine:

Everyone needs a car that comes with a revved-up speed, power, and remarkable torque. Finding such a car is real hard work. But, now you have the best option to select.


The Landcruiser 105 Series engine specs are brilliant as the powertrain has coil suspended solid axles. These are fitted at the front and rear. With the support of the suspension and brakes, you will experience a somewhat leisurely performance, especially when towing. The distinguishing specs are the live front axle suspension and telescopic hydraulic dampers. The latest trims (2000 and onward) have received a significant suspension lift with better and road-safe adaptable lower control arms.


As per the car users, you should look into the 1998 models. These are equipped with a special suspension system. the system unites Active Height Control and Skyhook Toyota EMS. What an outstanding combination!


This 4WD is installed with a center Differential and Limited Slip rear Differential. All entry-level trims are offered with a smooth 5-speed manual gearbox. The higher models (RV and GXL) have both 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto gearbox. These transmissions accompanied by receptive 4-piston front brakes offer an noteworthy stopping power and stable ride. The steering is lightweight, manageable, and comes with an incredible grip. As per your comfort, you can choose to drive a petrol or a diesel engine.


The motor is perfectly made for better road handling. The best ride for the on and off-road journeys, indeed.


105 Series Landcruiser Petrol engine:

The petrol engine available in all the Land cruiser 105 Series is “1FZ-FE” with Inline-6 cylinders. It is made with a strong cast iron black and all aluminum alloy cylinder head. To sustain a long ride, a double overhead camshaft is installed. This 4.5L engine runs on petrol to produce 180 kW power at 4,600 rpm. Well, the complementary torque of 410 NM at 3,600 rpm is amazing to feel.


The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a turbocharger.


105 Series Landcruiser Diesel engine:

In the earlier trims of the 105 Series Landcruiser, you can enjoy a firm drive on its naturally aspirated diesel engine named “1HZ”. Although it has a detuned engine of 4.2L but the power and torque are reasonable. The noted maximum power is 96 kW @ 3,800 rpm and torque is 271 NM at 2,200 rpm. The other difference is that you will get a single overhead camshaft with a cast-iron cylinder head. The fuel tank capacity is known to be 145L which is surprisingly more than enough.


The later versions have a turbo kit fitted. To offer more speed and reliability, all turbo diesel engines have dual batteries. Diesel engine performance on Toyota 105 Series Landcruiser 1HZ motor is legendary.


105 Series Landcruiser Design:

The most important thing you need to remember is that it is an old car. This means it will lack some significant high-tech and modernised interior. It won’t be wrong to say that it has solid bones, but disappointing in the accessory and modification department. Chassis is made as tough-as-nails. And, you cannot resist yourself from acknowledging its exclusively designed and sturdy-looking dished wheels.


The significant features of all the standard trim models of 105 Series Land cruiser are:

2-speaker audio setup


Cassette player

Height-adjustable steering

Dual-12v power outlets

Mud-flaps (rear and front)

Rear Wiper/Washer


Remote fuel lid release

Intermittent wipers


In comparison, the RV models have a few major upgrades adding to the standard features of the entry-level trims:

4-speaker audio setup

Central locking

Electronic mirrors


In the GXL model, being the top, you will get more luxurious and high-class specs. A CD player, remote central locking, stylish side steps, and powered windows are some highlighted ones. Do you need more advanced features and read to spend money?


Go for the range-topping GXL. It has:

16-inch alloy wheels

6-disc CD stacker

Climate control


Velour-wrapped interior with a leather-trimmed steering

Cruise control


The 1999 105 Series Landcruiser versions have dual-zone climate control and fog headlights, as well. All 2000 models will give you refined accessories as a standard. You can design your car with a dual-tone dashboard. For safety, it has child ISOFIX locking hooks at the rear.


On the non-standard versions, a comforting, small, soft-felt storage box is added. The GXL can be styled with now contrasted painting bumpers.  


105 Series Landcruiser Safety features:

Standard trims have seat Belts with pretensioners and engine immobiliser. The immobiliser not only keeps the car steady but also minimises fuel consumption. The GXL and RV models are safer to drive with their dual airbags, and ABS. The seat belts are also equipped with load limiters. In the 1999 GXL version, that you might consider a model with high-tech safety includes ESC (electronic stability control), traction control, and EBD. Sadly, it lacks a rear differential lock.


105 Series Landcruiser Night View:

The 2002 onward variants have a special safety system named Night View. The active automotive night vision makes it special. It comes with headlight projectors and a CCD camera which helps capture the reflected radiation for safety purposes. The black-and-white image produced will definitely aid you in having a better road vision and safety assessment. It has an additional feature of a roll-over sensor.


Common problems of 105 Series Landcruiser:

In harsh or bumpy road conditions, the front live-axle of the 105 Series Landcruiser might get broken

The standard diesel engine lacks power

Fuel leakage on the diesel models

Front tie rod ends will bend

Front drag links

Front and rear diffs are found to be weak

Handbrake shoes are not reliable


Final verdict:

Apart from its durable engine, 105 Series Landcruiser has many things to offer including road safety, plenty of comfort features, and a powerful motor with ravishing speed. It might have some engine issues but it will give you a comfortable, safe, and cozy ride.


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