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100 Series Land Cruiser Review Australia | All you need to know

100 Series Land Cruiser Review Australia

The 100 Series Land Cruiser is the best SUV to buy as it has been a competition towards its opponents and has set new measures. Furthermore, there are the best features installed in the styling of the all-new 100 Series, Toyota has presented another power plant with its model line-up. Further, by changing its model with the latest technology and revised the comfort level of travel. With these latest changes made, the driving quality has been improved.


The 1998 ranges have eleven models that include ten six-cylinder versions, and one V8. The essential Standard model can be bought with either diesel or petrol. Although it has an engine of six-cylinders, both with a manual transmission. RV and GXL models have either six cylinders petrol or diesel engine. That has a choice to select the manual or programmed transmission, while the GXV has the new petrol V8 in automatic transmission only.


100 series Land Cruiser Price:

The cost for the 100 series model starts with $47,460 for the Standard six-cylinder petrol wagon. However, the most costly GXV V8 programmed wagon is $89,000. Anti-skid brakes (ABS) are standard on GXL and GXV, however, is optional on RV at $1000 installed with Dual Airbags (SRS) that makes a standard on GXL and GXV at $1490. The standard model has the best air conditioning with quality fabric seats and the GXV with the moonroof at $50,329 and $92,020.


Features of 100 series Land Cruiser:

The six-cylinder petrol having a 4.5-liter engine has been improved with the cylinder head and exhaust system to help the torque and power work together in a better way. The 4.2 diesel engines have been adjusted and is not, accessible with a turbocharger. Moreover, it is combined with new cylinders, burning chamber, and injectors that have brought about an expansion in torque. This not only improved emissions but also noise reductions. 


The new 4.7 liter V8, is an improved version of 100 series Land Cruiser of the 4.0 liter Lexus LS 400 engine, which has made many changes in its structure. With an expansion in the limit and two camshafts for each bank working four valves for each cylinder. This advanced improvement is exceptional as it has a high-tech engine in use off-road vehicles. This produces only 5 kW and 23 Nm more than the six-cylinder petrol engine. 


Four-cylinder front brake calipers have been reintroduced in all models, and the front plates have been expanded in measurement. ABS models installed utilize the Lexus type hydraulic booster, fusing the actuator, booster and proportioning valve in the main cylinder.


Safety Features:

Anti-lock brakes, airbags with the impact absorption areas of the body and frame are the most important security features of the 100 series. Numerous other security features are installed that make it an overall more secure vehicle than its earlier models. All models are fitted with an engine immobilizer with a transponder fitted in the start key and are prewired prepared for the Toyota Vehicle Security System (TVSS).



In spite of the fact that all models seemed to be similar in its shape and size while the 100 series Cruiser are longer, extensive and higher than the 80 series. Previously add-on wheel arch flares have been disposed of and consolidated in the guard panels. The panel and paint finish are fantastic, in spite of the fact that in our test vehicles, colors didn't stretch out into the engine compartment. 


Front end styling has been improved up to highlight another grille, bumper, bonnet line and large, single, square headlights. Huge backlights that fold over into the back end, with a high-level stoplight mounted remotely at the highest point of the tailgate and new bumper installed in to complete the rear treatment.



Anti-lock brakes are combined with a steady ride and handling package, make this vehicle a competent rough off-road entertainer. However, in the more extreme circumstances, the autonomous front suspension has its restrictions with wheel travel, and the auto transmission is deficient in the engine braking. 


With every other model including the Standard retains the 80 series suspension structures, and certain adjustments made wheel travel fantastic and engine braking with the manual transmission is maintained. The Dunlop Grand Trek tires, while offering great on-road execution, offer lighter grip in mud or sand.


100 Series Land Cruiser Reviews:

Review 1:

The car has less noise because the more you accelerate the engine sound reaches a maximum beyond which it maintains the sound, climate control is just but the best design. the diesel 100 series is the most reliable machine ever made, wake me up at any time of the hour and give me a journey and with or without service i am assured of covering the journey.


Review 2:

I bought my first Landcruiser back in June 2016.

After looking around for months I found a 2004 100 series HDJ 100 R 4.2 Turbo Diesel Sahara.


Drove it back from Sydney up to Brisbane 1012km in total and used 102 Litres.

Never missed a beat.

Super comfortable.

Handles extremely well.

Have not had a single issue with it.

Best car I have ever owned , would highly recommend this model to anyone.


Review 3:

2003 100 series V8 petrol drives like new.over 330,000 KL and the only repair in 12 years was a broken charging wire on the back of the alternator and 1 battery replaced.A noise in the transfer case that has been there for 230,000 Ks. Highly recommend 100 series as a car for life.


Review 4:

I have a 100 series gxl turbo 2004, the problem is the auto transmission not going into top gear, it goes from 2000rpm to 4000rpm. 2 transmissions later costs $4.500 out of pocket. Toyota Australia has not heard of this problem. I have since found out that it is a common problem. Frustrated.


Review 5:

389000 km out of my water pump genuine Toyota. 105 series. I'm pretty happy with that. Not an oil leak. Only prob dash lights come on and off now and again.



With all the improvements and specifications made in these 100 series Land Cruiser, mark the model in a high position and is considered as a priority among the large 4WD wagons.


If you are looking for comfort on and off-road, it is the best option to choose as it has luxurious GXL or GXV models, with the manual transmission installed. Furthermore, it is available in different colors and is considered as the best 100 series Land Cruiser.

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