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A REVs Check (now PPSR Check) will help you know whether to buy that used car or not. Don’t leave your car purchase up to chance or risk your hard-earned cash. Run a quick PPSR Check now.

The Quick Revs PPSR Report includes:

  • Stolen Vehicle Report
  • Previous Registration Details
  • Vehicle Write-Off Checks
  • Finance Owing/Encumbered Car Report

Why Get a REVS Check

Do you want to buy a used vehicle in Western Australia? One of the best things you can do before making that decision is to carry out a WA REVS Check. A REVS Check in WA for any used car can save you from falling victim to a bad deal.

The biggest rise in motor vehicle registrations from 2010 to 2015 happened in WA. With more than 14% in registrations, this was unlike other regions such as NSW which reported only about 2.5% in that same time frame. Because of the number of cars available in WA, you should exercise caution when buying a car so that you don’t end up with a lemon.

So, how do you know where a motor vehicle has been, who owned it, and how far they have driven it? The easy solution is by getting a REVS check in WA or a PPSR report done before paying for a used car.

Reports are available for:

Cars | Bikes | Trucks | Trailers | Caravans

How does a REVS Check/PPSR Report work?

Every vehicle has a unique number called the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is required whenever any significant activity takes place with the vehicle and is recorded based on the VIN. And you use this VIN number to access a detailed car history report.

Because each VIN is unique, that’s why the VIN is all you need to obtain a detailed history of the motor vehicle that you are interested in. You input the VIN, run a search, and it brings up all the information on that car’s history.

The car history report will tell you if the previous owner of the car neglected to complete all the financing on the car. Not sure if the parts of the car are authentic? You can also find that out in the car history report that will be given to you after a WA REVS Check is processed.

One bad thing that most shady car dealers do sometimes is to even change some parts of a car to make it appear like a different year or model. For example, some lights and outer features can be replaced which may deceive unsuspecting buyers that the motor vehicle is more valuable than it really is. A REVS Report will tell you the actual year of the vehicle.

There are also other advantages of a WA Revs Check. One is that no matter where the car is located in the country, you don’t have to stress yourself by travelling far for an inspection. By simply running a car history report, you will find out critical information that will help you know whether the car you are interested in is a good deal or just a brightly painted lemon.

What’s Included in Your WA REVS Check Report

Outstanding Debt

Finance check for encumbrances against the car

Written Off

Collision records, Inspection Reports

PPSR Certificate for just #dollarFormat(Request.website.ppsrReportTotalAmount)#

Theft History

Stolen vehicle check based on Police reports

Rego Details/Vehicle Info

Vehicle Registration Info incl. Plates, State/Territory. Vehicle Info Make, Model, Colour, Engine Number, etc.

Buying a used car in WA doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark

A WA Revs check is a great way to put your fears to rest when you are buying a used car. In addition to doing a REVS Check, you can also do a Rego Check in WA. A vehicle registration check will let you know the registration expiry date of the vehicle, if it is suspended, or even cancelled. A rego check lets you know any registration restriction or concession that may end up costing you money after spending so much to buy the car in the first place. Every vehicle must have a mandatory Third-Party insurer and a policy expiry date. You can do a Rego check using only the vehicle’s registration plate number.

Order a REVS Check in WA today before buying a used car

Why get ripped off when you can make the best decision possible by ordering a REVS check? Why not get a comprehensive statement of the life and times of the car you are interested in buying?

One of the ways that a WA REVS check saves you money is letting you know the real value of the car you’re trying to buy so that you can compare it with what the dealer is offering you.

Don’t get blindsided into buying a bad used vehicle. Order an instant car history report today for just $5.89 and save thousands in dollars that buying a faulty car would cost you over time. All you need is the vehicle’s 17-digit VIN to have full access to full financial encumbrance information about the car of your choice.

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Top 4 FAQs for PPSR Checks

Why Should I Do a REVS Check/PPSR Check?

You need to know the history of the vehicle you plan to buy. If the seller has a loan for the vehicle, the vehicle could be repossessed, and you lose your money if the seller stops paying the loan. You will also find out if the car was reported as stolen or there are any other adverse reports on the car in its history.

With a PPSR check, you have all the info to make an informed decision about buying a second-hand car. Just note that a free PPSR check in WA is not available anymore.

Why do I need a VIN Number and Where Do I Find It?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number assigned to each vehicle. It's that car's unique identifier which you use to run a WA REVS Check online. The VIN is normally a 17-characters long, alphanumeric code to help you conduct your online search.

You can find the VIN on the vehicle's registration certificate, insurance policy, the door post where it latches, or on the registration sticker of the vehicle. But you can also check the registration history of the vehicle using the plate number.

How do I get a REVS Check Online?

Simply fill in the form on this page, and your vehicle history report will be on its way to you shortly.

Why Can't I Get a Free Revs Check?

PPSR replaced free REVS checks. So, free car history checks in Australia is no longer available as all reports now attract a cost. But, you don't have to pay a lot if you use Quick Revs for your car history report. We have the lowest rates for Car History reports in Western Australia.

Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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