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Comprehensive Revs Check in QLD

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Enjoy the perks of affordable, easy to access Revs Check Reports presented in an easy-to-read format.

How It Works

We make it very easy for our customers to get a QLD revs check report. Our 3-step process is simple to do and gives you almost instant access to a comprehensive car history report with all the information you need to decide on buying a specific second-hand car.

Step 1 – Enter The VIN/Rego

Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Rego (number plate) in the correct section. You may need to add the registration state if you’re using the Rego number to search. Click Get Report.

Step 2 – Make Payment

Enter the email address that you want us to send your report and choose your preferred payment method. Enter your payment info on our SSL encrypted site and submit your car history report request.

Step 3 – Get Your Report

Once your payment goes through our secure platform and is accepted, your Revs Check report will be on its way to the email address you gave. You’ll also get an SMS notification along with your report.

What’s Included in Your Revs Check QLD Report

Each report from QuickRevs comes with an official PPSR Certificate and the necessary details you need when buying a car. Here are all the essential data contained in your PPSR certificate and QLD Revs Check report.

Vehicle Details

In your official search report, you’ll get all the validated VIN and rego details such as the vehicle type (make and model), car colour, engine number, etc. This section of your report/Certificate provides proof of the right vehicle searched.

Registration Details

Want to know if the vehicle you’re considering is registered for road use? This vehicle registration details section will help with that. It allows you know in which state the vehicle is registered and when the registration expires/or expired.

Finance Check

This is one of the important details you should know. Does the owner of the vehicle have encumbrances against it? Will you become responsible for loans after buying a used car? The PPSR report will show if there is money owing against the car.

Write-off History

Vehicles are often resold after being written-off and the buyer isn’t aware. The states Written-off Vehicles Registers (WOVR) give data on reasons for a write-off and the severity. The write-off data includes collisions, hail, fire damage, etc.

Stolen Vehicle Check

In some areas a vehicle is stolen almost every 10 minutes. And you could be the unsuspecting and unlucky buyer of that stolen car. Make sure you don’t get arrested for receiving stolen property because you didn’t choose to get a PPSR report.

Rego/VIN Validation

Validate the VIN/rego number of the vehicle before you search. This free perk from QuickRevs allows you to make sure that you are running a search on the correct vehicle so that you don’t waste money and time on a report for the wrong vehicle.

Why Choose QuickRevs

We are a leading online service for car history reports in Australia. Our team of IT professionals are constantly putting in place new resources to make it easy to get information to help you decide whether or not to buy. We know how important this report is when buying a used car. So, just like all our many satisfied customers, you too can make sure that you’re making the right decision or that you avoid buying a lemon.


A vehicle history report does not have to be expensive, not when you need to access the data now. Instead, you can run multiple Revs Check searches online all at an affordable rate.


All our data for your report comes from official government sources. These sources include the PPSR, NEVDIS and other officially recognised databases for accurate and reliable data.


You can access our online search service 24/7. No matter the day or time, as long as the government database is not being updated, you can request a Revs Check Report from our site.

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Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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