WA Rego Check

There are over one and a half million vehicles registered in Western Australia (WA). The Department of Transport in WA has its work cut out for it ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

One of the key ways safety is upheld is with a simple car registration (rego) check. These can be used to inform a driver, or even a potential buyer, whether the car is safe and legal to drive. Has the car been in an accident and written off? Has it changed owners a lot, indicating problems with the vehicle?

A WA rego check will tell you.

Responsibility lies on the owner of the vehicle to keep up to date with its registration status in WA.

A free rego check in WA can be done online to:

  • Check if a vehicle is registered in Western Australia
  • Check expiry date on the car’s rego
  • Check Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and insurance expiry date
  • Check any relevant registration restrictions that might apply in WA
  • vehicle information such as the vehicle model and body type

How to Perform a WA Rego Check

A vehicle's registration details can be checked via the Department of Transport of the state where the vehicle is registered. Vehicle registration checks in  Western Australia can be done at the WA Department of Transport website.

All you’ll need to get a free WA rego check is the car’s rego number, or the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

Why Check a Vehicle’s Registration?

There are severe penalties for driving an unregistered vehicle in WA imposed by the state government. Registration status of vehicles is monitored routinely through roadside safety checks such as RBTS (random breath tests) and vehicle inspections.

Checking the status of your vehicle protects you and your passengers from driving a dangerous vehicle, while protecting your wallet from heavy fines. Is a heavy fine really a better option than taking a few seconds for a free check?