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Rego Check NSW

In 2015, there were 261 fatalities on New South Wales roads. That says nothing of the total number of accidents — in fact, NSW has the highest accident rate in the whole country. There’s no question that if you’re planning to drive a vehicle, particularly a second-hand one, it’s critically important to ensure it’s up to code and safe.

One of the ways to do this is to perform an NSW rego check when looking to buy a used car. Registration checks will tell you:

  • Whether the vehicle is currently registered
  • When the registration on the vehicle is set to expire (rego expiry check nsw)
  • Check the status of the Compulsory Third Party Insurance and its expiry date
  • See if there are any restrictions associated with the registration
  • Confirm that the vehicle make and model matches the number plates

However, note that the NSW rego check only gives information about cars that have been registered to the New South Wales area. Vehicles that are registered in other states or those covered by Unregistered Service Permits will not show up on a basic NSW rego check.

Why Is It Important to Conduct an NSW Rego Check?

There are various reasons it’s in your best interest to check the registration of a vehicle before you purchase it.

Firstly, driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and carries hefty fines. This is the last thing you need after shelling out hard-earned money for a vehicle. Worse yet, the vehicle itself may also be seized by police.

Secondly, checking to see if the registration matches the car can help you avoid buying a stolen or “rebirthed” vehicle. A “rebirthed” vehicle is a stolen or written off vehicle that’s been put back together using stolen or spare parts. The vehicle is then fit with a new registration plate — which itself may have been stolen — and resold. They’re typically not road worthy, are of dubious safety, and are entirely illegal.

Thirdly, checking the registration can alert you to whether the vehicle has been written off, as there may be a restriction placed on the registration.

Finally, an service NSW rego check supplies information about the compulsory third party insurer of the vehicle you are about to purchase. You can confirm that the car is indeed insured and that the policy is valid with the check my rego NSW . That way you won’t meet unexpected costs (and fines) in the case of an accident.

How Do I Perform an NSW Rego Check?

All you need to conduct an NSW rego check is the car NSW registration plate number — aka the license plate. Alternatively, if the vehicle was made after 1989, you can use the VIN, or vehicle identification number. A point of note is that the NSW rego plate check is free and can be performed via the NSW Department of Main Roads website. You just have to:

  • Log onto your state’s Transport Department website
  • Select the Check Online option
  • Fill in the car’s NSW plate number with no special characters in the designated space
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions listed for the use of the service
  • View the NSW rego check
  • Print the report for future reference.

How Can I Get More Information and not use an NSW Rego Check?

An NSW rego check is a very basic kind of check. It’s quick and free, but also limited in scope. If you want to learn more about a vehicle you’re interested in buying, you’ll need a car history report, also known as a REVS check or PPSR report. A basic Services NSW rego status check nsw will only tell you about registration and insurance. A car history report, on the other hand, will tell you not only that, but also:

The stolen status of the vehicle — Has it been stolen in the past? Is it currently listed as stolen?

The write-off status of the vehicle — Has the vehicle been written off? Was it a repairable or total write-off? If it was written off, why?

Any financial encumbrances — Is the car being used as collateral for any type of loan? Has the loan been paid off, or is it still being repaid?

VIN details — Does the VIN match the vehicle? What about the engine number?

Do I Need an NSW Rego Check AND A Car History Report?

No. If you conduct a car history report/REVS check/PPSR report, you do not need an NSW rego check. That’s because the car history report includes all of the information included in the nsw car rego check and more. There’s nothing stopping you getting the NSW rego check as well — it’s free! — but it’s not necessary.

Is an NSW Rego Check the only way to protect me when buying a Used Car?

Conducting an NSW rego check is only one way to protect yourself from used-car scams. If you are buying a vehicle from a private seller, ensure you look up the vehicle on the state’s Personal Property Securities Register website to find out if you will be taking on financial owing by purchasing the car. A PPSR check conveniently lists all the details pertinent to ensuring the validity of a used-car purchase. Note that the PPSR check or car history report will require you to spend money unlike the NSW rego check, which you can conduct at no cost.

How Do I Get A Car History Report?

It’s easy! Simply enter the VIN of the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing into the bar at the top of the page. The REVS Check/PPSR Report/Car History Report costs just $5.89 and will be delivered promptly. You’ll then have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the vehicle you’re looking to buy. Simple!

Buying a used car can be a tedious process without knowledge as to the hallmarks that indicate a car is safe to purchase. By eliminating this uncertainty, an Online NSW rego check or car history report will give you an easier time deciding among all your legitimate registered options.

Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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