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VIN Check and its importance while buying a used car


VIN also known as the Vehicle Identification Number. It is a number that contains all the important information regarding the vehicle. It is a legal number that is registered by the authorities and helps to find out history of the vehicle. The VIN is a combination of different individual number and letter that have a different meaning, significance and provides information about the vehicle through VIN check. Every vehicle has its unique VIN.

There are different reasons for which you would like to decode the VIN. With the help of VIN check you can find all the information like when was your car manufactured, its model, manufacturing company and the place where it was built. It will make the procedure of buying the vehicle easy.

Whether, you are curious about the history of vehicle you are planning to buy or just want to know more about your vehicle you can use the Cheap Vin Check. You might be wondering that how the process works. Here we have everything you need to know about the VIN Check Australia.

What is VIN Check NSW?

If you are in New South Wales it is important to know the VIN Check is also known as vehicle history report, VIN lookup or VIN number check. It is a detailed document in which you will find the information regarding the history of a car, RV, truck or boat. A specified VIN is given to every vehicle when it is manufactured, and this number is not used again.

If you want to know about the history of your vehicle it is important that you have its VIN. At Quick Revs we will provide you VIN check New South Wales for car at an affordable rate.

What do the 17 characters of VIN mean?

The VIN number consists of 17 different characters that include different numbers and letters. Every character in the number has a different meaning. If you learn to decode the number, you can easily find the information you want. Here is what these characters mean.

1-Manufacturer’s information

The first three characters of the VIN will tell you about the country of manufacturing.
  • A-H means Africa
  • J-R is from Asia
  • S-Z means Europe
  • 1-5 is from North America
  • 6-7 Oceania
  • 8-9 means South America

2-Manufacturer and division

The 2nd and 3rd character of the number indicates the manufacturer and its division.

3-Descriptive details

You can know the descriptive details about the vehicle with the help of next 6 digits.

  • 4-8 characters are for details regarding specifications, engine and safety features of the vehicle
  • The 9th character is the security code also called the check digit of the vehicle. It will help to identify whether the VIN number has been authorized by manufacturer or not.

4-Specified information

With the help of last 8 digits, you can get the specified information about a vehicle.

  • 10th character will tell you about a year of manufacturing
  • 11th character is for the place/region where the vehicle was manufactured
  • 12th to 17th characters are production number or a serial number of the vehicle, which is unique.

What information I will get from VIN check SA

In the past few years, it has been noticed that documents you will get after VIN check South Australia are very useful. However, if we do not understand them properly they can be misleading. With the help of VIN check New South Wales, you will be able to find enough information that will help you make the right decision.

You might have come across several car dealers that have reports which claim that the car is in excellent condition. There is no damage or accident, but the vehicle has sustained some serious damage.

According to the situation, the seller may not mention previous owner in reports. In case the vehicle has been registered in the name of the buyer only then the seller will appear as the previous owner of the car. If you are buying the vehicle from the dealer remember that ownership will appear once the car has been platted.

It is better that you have the Cheap Vin Check before investing in the vehicle, so you will not have to deal with the cost issues. It will give you the clear-cut picture of the condition of the vehicle and, so you will be able to protect yourself from any fraud.

How can I Find the VIN number?

To get the information about the vehicle with the VIN check Queensland, it is important that you provide the VIN. You can find the number at the following locations.


The documentation that you have for the car will surely have the VIN number at the following places.

  • Insurance documents
  • Vehicle Registration document
  • Repair records
  • Service history
  • Owner’s manual
  • Police reports

2-On vehicle

  • Insurance card
  • On engine block
  • Sticker on side of driver’s side door
  • Under the hood or on fender, it is available in the latest vehicles
  • On dash of the vehicle on bottom of windshield on driver’s side. you can see it from the outside of the car.

Should I get a VIN check QLD while I am buying a car?

When you have the VIN check Queensland of the vehicle, so you will not be fooled by the scam dealers. You should not take a risk when you have to the facility of VIN check that will provide you anything you want to know about the vehicle. You can quickly obtain the report and it is like the verification of your VIN number.

Should I get the VIN check while selling a car?

Whether you are working dealer or a private seller, having the VIN check facility will help you to enhance your business. The customers will trust your services and you will be able to remove all their doubts about the vehicle. You will be able to provide them all the authentic and suspicious information and customers will be satisfied with your services.

The importance of keeping the record of VIN

It will be helpful if you save your VIN number by writing it down. In case the information is stolen you can use it to recover everything.

VIN check at quickrevs.com.au

It is a facility that will allow you to check VIN of the vehicle against any documentation. The Cheap VIN check is available 24/7 at Quick Revs and it is easy to use. All you must do is enter the VIN number of the vehicle in the given platform and at an affordable rate you will get all the required information.

In the car history report you will get the complete information regarding the existing loans related to the vehicle. With the Financial Encumbrance facility, you will know if there is a loan that might affect your vehicle in future. With the help of Quick Revs cheap VIN check you will always get the details required to negotiate a payoff agreement with seller.

At Quick Revs you will get the reliable and authentic car history report that will have all the information you need to buy the best car. You will get the registration details in the VIN check that will help you know who has been the previous owner of the vehicle. It will also help you determine if the car has been in a flood or not. You will get the rego details and expiration time of the vehicle.

One of the most important components of our facility is reporting the stolen check. It will help you to avoid the legal issues by knowing whether the car is tagged under the unauthorized theft or not.

Information generated at quickrevs.com.au will help you to find the best vehicle and you will be able to always buy with confidence. It is the perfect platform for the buyers that do not want to be fooled by fake sellers or car dealers. With Quick Revs cheap VIN check you will get the reliable car history report within seconds by only paying $5.99.

What if the VIN does not decode?

While using the VIN check a common issue that many individuals have to face is their VIN is not decoded. Here are a few things they need to check.

  • Make sure that you have entered all the digits correctly.
  • Remember that letter like O and I are not present in the VIN. Assure that you have not accidentally added them instead of 1 or 0
  • In case your vehicle has been manufactured before 1981 the VIN will be shorter than 17 characters and it will not decode with the latest technology
  • In this situation, you will not be able to find the manufacturing year, model and make of the vehicle.
  • However, you will still be able to generate the other information regarding the car that will prove to be useful in your situation.

Verification of VIN

Most of the people have to deal with the issue of fake VIN. In order to assure that you have the real VIN make sure that you match it with all the locations on which it is available on your car. Assure that there are no signs of tampering.

Check the original registration forms of the car to match the number and never trust the photocopy. When you will add the 17 characters of the VIN number in the VIN check tool at Quick Revs, it will help you to determine whether you have been given an authentic VIN number or not.

What to do if altered VIN or documents are suspected

In case that you have detected the tempered or fake VIN number it is important that you contact the authorities to get or verify the original number of the car. Some of the important things you have to consider are.

  • If there is the existence of discrepancies with the documentation or VIN, you should not mention them to individuals. Never try to detain such information
  • Carefully fill the claim form and wait for the authorities to let you know when the procedure has been accomplished.

You will have to notify all the other departments by following the procedure given by the company. To prove that you have identified the altered VIN, always follow the rules given by the government. There might be a chance that the VIN has been illegally changed for some reason or it has been stolen. You will have to follow the appropriate procedure or contact the authorities for any assistance. This is the reason it has been advised to have a VIN check before you buy the vehicle and assure that it is the original number.

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