What are the benefits of Using PPSR

Are you buying a car?

For an individual, conducting a PPSR search when buying a car to check if no money is owing on the car will save you a lot of money. PPSR check will enable you to ascertain if nobody is claiming an interest in the car you want to buy. 

How does PPSR search protect you?

If the result of your PPSR search shows that there is no right reserved or debt registered on the car you are buying and you then decide to lease or buy the car immediately you conduct the search, or soon afterward, that means you will buy a vehicle that is free of debt or any burden.

When should I conduct a PPSR search?

Unarguably, the ideal time to conduct your search is a day before or the day you purchase to get updated information and the protection that PPSR will provide you on the car.

How can I verify if the result generated is accurate?

You can verify the details of a search conducted by someone else online so that you can determine if the result is accurate and genuine or not.

Validating a search online is free, and it will provide the same result as per the initial search.  If you, however, need an updated version of the search results, you will have to conduct a new research.

What other details will show up in your search?

A PPSR search does not only provide you information on financial obligation or debt, but it also returns other useful car information from NEVDIS. This details may include registration information, car description, and written off or stolen status.

How do you know if a car is road registered currently?

You have to check the State vehicle registration expiry field to find details of the car’s registration.

Assess a copy of the current registration papers to ratify the current registered owner of the car, or ask the owner of the car for proof of purchase.

You can as well verify the details by comparing the details on your PPSR search certificate with the one on the registration certificate. The details to examine include vehicle identification number (VIN), plate registration number or chassis or engine number, to ensure that they match. 

Note that ‘Current’ means the registration state searched compared to in the PPSR. The search aims to locate the current PPSR against the serial number. It is not referring to whether the vehicle is registered for the road or not.

What other things should you consider before buying a car?

Consult your state road assistance association, motor traders association for a recommendation on a vehicle professional who can help you inspect the car before you buy it. Ask them to verify the identity of the car by checking if the chassis number or VIN has not been tampered with.

You should also check the car’s service manual to ensure if the record of odometer reading is consistent and correct.

How can you conduct a PPSR search?

You have learned loads of benefits that PPSR has in stock for you. How can you now tap into this benefit? The easiest is to do Quick Search with your VIN. For a just a token sum of $5.99, you will get a comprehensive report on your PPRS search.

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