REVS Check – Australia's Most Affordable & Comprehensive Report

Instant Reports. No Registration required.

Every year millions of REVS check searches are done online. And every year, millions of Australians can confidently make the right decisions when buying a car with their REVS Check Reports.

Will you be one of the millions of Australians who avoid buying a lemon or one of the thousands that lose their money on a bad deal? You can choose which Australian you want to be when buying a used car. Just run a REVS Check.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with an Official Australian REVS Check Report (Now PPSR)

You used to only be able to do a REVS Check in a particular state/territory. If you wanted a car history check using the Register of Encumbered Vehicles, you had to run REVS Check NSW, REVS Check QLD, or REVS Check WA.

Now, REVS Check is PPSR Search, and you can check anywhere in Australia from any state.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) gives you all the same information of the old REVS Check but with additional details and an official government PPSR certificate.

Your REVS Check (PPSR) Report Will Include

  • Vehicle Details Verify the car details (make, model, year, colour)
  • Vehicle Details Verify the car details (make, model, year, colour)
  • Encumbrances See outstanding loan information on finance owing
  • Theft Records Know if the vehicle or engine was reported stolen
  • Written-Off Details Inspections, collisions, flood, hail damage records
  • Registration See the Territory/State registration details & plate

With fees this low and so much information, it’s better than Free REVS check.

Your REVS Check Is Worth It

Are you worried about how much a REVS Check costs? The real question is can you afford not to run a search? Thousands of vehicles are stolen every year. Thousands are damaged and yet sold to unsuspecting customers as good cars.

QuickRevs was created to help Australian used car buyers get the information they need to make a choice with confidence. So, whether you want to run a REVS Check NSW, REVS Check QLD, or REVS Check WA, know that you can with QuickRevs.

Here are some of the many benefits of a quick and easy REVS Check on QuickRevs.

  • Save money in repair costs when you avoid buying a damaged vehicle
  • Have your car for longer when you don’t buy a car with write-off issues
  • Don't worry about bailiffs at your door because the previous owner defaulted on the loan

Is REVS check free? Not anymore. But you can certainly enjoy the lowest rates for running a search of the PPSR database to get your REVS Check information.