Registration Check

Peace of mind when buying a used car is the top priority for most. There are a wealth of tools at your disposal to give you that peace of mind and help you ensure you buy a quality used vehicle that isn’t going to give you grief in the near future.

One of those tools is a registration check, or “rego” check. This allows you to confirm certain details about the car’s registration history, and current registration status.

Why Are Rego Checks Important?

It’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle in Australia. Driving an unlicensed vehicle can carry large fines and serious license penalties. It also usually means that the vehicle isn’t covered by any sort of insurance, so you’re in even more trouble should you get into an accident.

Even when driving someone else’s vehicle, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s a legal, registered vehicle.

By running an online rego check, you’ll get to see if the car you’re considering purchasing is currently registered, and when the registration expires. It will also tell you if the make and model of the car matches the registration details.

How Do You Run a Rego Check?

Registration checks are performed using either the registration number, or the vehicle’s VIN. You can run the check online via your state’s Transport Department website.

What’s the Difference Between a Rego Check and a Car History Report?

Rego checks are much more limited in their scope than a car history report/REVS check. A rego check will only tell you:

  • The registration number
  • The registration status
  • The expiry date for the registration
  • The make, model and body shape of the car the registration is for.

A Car History Check/REVS Check/PPSR report will tell you all of this, and

  • Check the stolen status
  • Check the write-off status
  • Check for financial encumbrance
  • Odometer details
  • Price/odometer comparison
  • Vehicle valuation details
  • VIN check

and more.

So if I Get a Car History Report, I Don’t Need a Rego Check?

That’s right. All of the details included in a Rego Check are covered in a car history check — and much, much more. For peace of mind, nothing will give you as much assurance or information as a complete car history check.

How Do I Get a Car History Check?

Enter the VIN of the vehicle you’re interested in up the top of this page, pay $5.89, and you’ll get a complete car history report in moments. It’s a rego check, encumbrance check, stolen check, write-off check and more, all in one.

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