REVS Check in WA

Whether you’re down in Perth or up the northern end, if you’re anywhere in Western Australia and are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle you’ll want to get a REVS Check performed first.

WA had the single largest increase in registration for passenger vehicles between 2010 and 2015 — 14%, compared to around 2.5% in NSW in that same period. With so many vehicles being registered, bought, and sold, it can be easy to pick up a dodgy vehicle if you’re not careful. Maybe it was stolen, maybe it’s not paid in full, maybe the registration is about to run out.

That’s where a car history report/REVS check/PPSR report comes in.

By simply entering the vehicle’s VIN, you can get a comprehensive history of the car you’re looking to buy. Want to know if there’s any finance attached to the car? A history report will tell you that. Want to know if the parts are genuine? You’ll get that, too. Buying a stolen vehicle the last thing on your mind?

With a car history report/REVS check, all of these fears can be put to rest.

And the great thing is, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in, what state the car is in, or even what state the car is from: the car history report is pulled from a national database that will tell you about any car, from anywhere in the country.

Say you’re in WA and you’re looking to purchase a car from South Australia. Just enter the VIN for the car into the bar above, pay the minimal fee, and you’ll get a complete history of that car in moments. Save yourself the trouble of travelling all that way for a bad car — or paying for it to be transported to you, only to find it’s useless.

And to top it all off, the report also includes a current valuation of the make and model, so you’ll know if they’re trying to rip you off on price.

Don’t risk buying a dodgy used vehicle. Get your comprehensive car history report today for just $5.89, and save yourself thousands of dollars in depreciation or repairs in the near future.

Get an instant car history report. Quick and Readable Report Only For $5.89