REVS Check in QLD

Thinking of buying a used car in QLD? Get yourself a REVS check first. It’ll save you a whole lot of time, money, and drama in the future.

Queensland is known for its long beaches, its tropical forests, the great barrier reef … and its devastating cyclones. The amount of property damage caused by these severe weather events cannot be overstated. And suffice it to say, plenty of vehicles get written off in these trying natural disasters.

So it may come as a surprise that people still try to sell these written off vehicles as though they were perfectly ordinary used cars. In many cases, it’s very difficult to tell what was actually wrong with a vehicle, and why it was written off to begin with. But drive the car for a few weeks or months, and you’ll soon learn you’ve got a lemon on your hands.

How do you prevent this?

Get a REVS check.

A REVS check/car history report/PPSR report will give you a comprehensive look at the history of the vehicle you’re looking to buy. It’ll let you know if it’s collateral for a loan, or still being paid off itself; whether the vehicle was stolen in the past; what the VIN should be, the engine number should be, and even if the odometer is accurate; and surely enough, you’ll get to see the write-off history of the vehicle. If the car has ever been written off as part of an insurance claim, you’ll know.

Driving a written off vehicle simply isn’t safe, and will cost you in the future. Buying a car that is financially encumbered poses the risk of having it repossessed out from under you, without you having much of a say in the matter. Or imagine buying a stolen vehicle thrown together from potentially unsafe parts?

Avoid these nightmare scenarios and get peace of mind with a REVS check.

To get started, just enter the vehicle VIN in the search bar above. For just $5.89, you’ll get every piece of information you need to make an informed decision about whether to purchase your car, or keep looking for something a little less suspect.

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