REVS Check in NSW

If you’re looking to buy a used car in NSW, make sure to get a REVS check/car history report/PPSR report first.

5.25 million vehicles were registered in 2015 in NSW alone. And for a very long time, NSW had an unfortunate habit of homing many hotspots for car “rebirthing”. What’s car rebirthing? When someone steals a vehicle and registers it with different parts to pass off as another car altogether. These are typically backyard hatchet jobs or performed in less reputable chop shops that piece together various vehicles to make something that can be sold at a profit.

So how do you avoid buying a newly registered vehicle that’s not-so-legit?

Get a REVS check.

REVS checks will tell you the stolen history of the vehicle you’re looking at. It will also tell you the odometer information and the engine block number so you can ensure the parts are legitimate and that the odometer hasn’t been rolled back. With the information in a REVS check, you’ll get enough details to perform as thorough an investigation as you need to make sure the car is legit.

That’s not all the check does. You’ll also see if the car has actually been paid off yet by the previous owner. If it hasn’t, it could be repossessed right out from under you — and with you unable to do anything about it.

Or maybe the car has been declared a write-off in the past. Your REVS check/ car history report will let you know.

Used car buyers lose around $4,000 on average when they buy a dodgy used vehicle, either due to the car having been overvalued at the point of sale, or because of repairs needed to keep it running. In some cases, that’s more than the price you paid for the car to start with!

Protect yourself from stolen, dodgy, financially risky vehicles and get yourself a REVS check today. It only takes a few seconds, and costs just $5.89.

To get started, enter the vehicle’s VIN in the bar above and get your comprehensive report now.

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