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All about Revs Check

At Quick Revs, we know how hard it can be for new buyers to understand all the complex terms that are present when they are going after a used car. One of those terms is the REVS Check, something that most people talk about but only a few properly understand what it represents.

That’s why we want to lend a hand and explain, in simple words, what a REVS Check is and put on the table all those related terms and definitions you should understand.

If you don’t realize why you must invest some time in learning these things, the main reason is easy to digest: your money depends on it. That’s it. Properly using a REVS Check can save you a lot of money and keep you away from real legal problems.

So, sit down comfortably and continue reading.

What is a REVS Check?

In Australia, a REVS Check is a report where people can find all the information related to a used car. The data included in the report is provided by the AFSA, which stands for Australian Financial Security Authority, and other official road agencies that are in charge of everything related to cars.

A proper REVS Check report will include indicators like loans active on the vehicle, a complete history of incidents that the car may have suffered, and potential written-off statuses. Another interesting fact about REVS

Check is the name behind it. REVS stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles.

The main idea ofusing a REVS Check is making sure that the used car is free of any problems, either legal or mechanical. In the following lines, we will learn more about this.

Is the PPSR Report the Same Thing?

Yes. In recent years, the Australian Government and the AFSA approved the Australian Personal Property Securities Act 2009. With this new act, the name of the REVS Check was effectively changed in 2012 to PPSR, along with some other features of the register system.

Among the main changes for REVS, we find that the whole system became digital and accessible 24/7, allowing buyers all over the country to get this information when needed.

It’s also important to say that vehicles prior to 1989 are excluded from this database, being impossible to get this kind of information. Before that year, Australian cars used a VIN number between 11 and 17 characters, a format that now is incompatible with REVS reports.

Yet, the PPSR Report continues to deliver the same information as the REVS Check, allowing the potential buyers to know the background of the property they are about to purchase. Just consider the new act as an update of the electronic mechanism, making things easier for all of us.

What About a Car History Report?

While we use “REVS Check”, “PPSR Report”, and “Car History Report” to refer to the same thing at Quick Revs, we need to make clear that they aren’t exactly the same. As we stated before, the REVS Check and the PPSR Report are the same.

Nonetheless, the Car History Report includes a REVS Check and adds more interesting information about the vehicle.

If you browse around looking for a REVS Check on other websites, you will notice how other companies have one price for the REVS Check alone and another, which is higher, for the Car History Report. It’s necessary to mention that, at Quick Revs, we always offer the cheapest Car History Report, included for the same base price.

But Why Spending in This?

First, let’s stop seeing REVS Check as an expense. Truth be told, this is an investment.

You are about to use your savings or take a loan in order to purchase that used car you want. Are you willing to burn a few thousand dollars without taking care of the potential risks?

By getting the cheap Car History Report we offer you at Quick Revs, you are making sure that your money is being invested wisely and safely. Ignoring a proper report could jeopardize your investment and bring uncertainty.

Everything you know is what the seller is telling you. What if he or she is hiding relevant facts that decrease the real value of the car, active loans, or written-off statuses that may get you in real trouble? Having afull awareness of the situation is fundamental in order to have a satisfying purchase. If not, you are leaving things to chance.

Horror Stories

All Australian buyers out there need to understand how valuable is to have a Car History Report at hand when looking for a used car. Sometimes, the best way to understand that is by knowing a few examples of what happens when buyers do not invest in this report and things go wrong.

  • Encumbered Car: Imagine that you decide to purchasea used car without knowing if there are any active loans. After a few weeks, you find out the truth: the car is encumbered and the bank is asking for pending payments that you cannot afford. Where is the seller? He or she is already gone, hard to track down. You didn’t know anything about such loan and now the bank is threatening you with a repossession, legally taking the vehicle and leaving you empty-handed. Now you have lost the full investment you made before.
  • Hidden Damage: Having in mind that there are really good shops and mechanics that can leave a car as “new” after suffering considerable damage. We say “new” because it’s only like that on the surface. The accident has taken its toll on the vehicle and there are many kinds of damage that cannot be corrected this way. If the used car looks good, the seller may try to hide the reality. So, you skip the PPSR to later find out that the car is terribly damaged and requires massive reparations. Also, re-registration may be impossible.
  • Unrecovered Theft: You pay in cash and forget about anything else. Then, after a few weeks, you have a very unpleasant encounter with the police. It turns out that the used car you just paid for is tagged as “unrecovered theft” and you could be facing criminal charges.

The Bottom Line

At Quick Revs, we offer you a complete solution in the form of the cheapest Car History Reports on the market. You will not only be saving time but also taking proper care of your future investment.

We hope this article helps you to understand the basics of getting a REVS Check and make the best possible use from it.

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