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The Rising Rate of Stolen Vehicles in Australia

  • Feb 20, 2017

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Increasing Number of Stolen vehicles in Australia:

The growing number of stolen vehicles and their re-selling is getting attention of concerned authorities in Australia. A number of buyers have been found reporting and complaining that they have been sold vehicles without any number plates, history check reports and incomplete documentation. Though it’s a mistake at the buyer’s part too that they should not go for investing money on something which seems fishy at the first place.
The sellers are smart when they steal the vehicle they won’t let the buyer know and in a number of cases it has also been reported that fake documentations have been shared with the buyer to gain trust which later became a headache. When the banks, authorities, actual owners reach the new buyers searching for their stolen vehicles only then the buyer realize that it was a trap and they have been fooled.
There are ways one can prevent to be trapped by such fake sellers who commit the crime and then leave the buyer in a miserable situation. One can do a thorough history check before investing hard earned dollars in buying an asset. This check is simple yet requires a reliable history or rev check report service, the ppsr and stolen check go in the favor of buyer since these services are backed by the Government.

PPSR and Stolen Check:

The rev check reports are generated by the ppsr services providers who are in contact with the authorities collecting authentic information about all the vehicles on Australian roads. The ppsr and stolen check helps in saving the buyer from unnecessary verifications from the officials after buying the vehicle. Any suspicious documentation may leave the buyer in trouble which can cause hole in the pocket and lawsuit. Such legal matters for a common man are not a norm and only make things more complicated.
The ppsr and stolen check services charge a very nominal amount hardly a few bucks and provides the most useful information to the buyer. The can even do the verification of the document and the chances of being cheated are less. The process is simple, services like QuickRevs are serving in peanuts price, the report is generated by collecting information from Government entities.

How to do PPSR and Stolen Check:

One should focus on three most important things before going for a used or ore-owned vehicle in Australia:
  1. Check if the documents are genuine, you can take help from a ppsr report service
  2. Check if the seller is not fake, seems a genuine persona and real owner of the vehicle
  3. Check that the documents provided by the seller matches those in the history check report if you have got one from a reliable source.
Once you are done with these three steps there are very few chances that you will get in to any trouble or face fraudulent activity.

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Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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