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The Australian automobile industry is about to be revolutionized

QuickRevs - Autonomous Vehicles
Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that it has become hard to control the innovations. Every year a technology is introduced that takes everyone by surprise. Just like many other fields technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry around the globe.
It has been noticed that most of the automotive technologies have been introduced in Australia and others are under process. There are many technologists that are working to make this mean of transportation more interactive so that our lives will become easier. Here are some of the interesting care technologies that will make you believe that the Australian automobile industry has been revolutionized.

1-Autonomous vehicles

It is the type of automotive technology that has been introduced in the market and in many regions people are using the vehicles. These are the special types of cars that can drive without the human driver because they have been developed with special
  • Scanners
  • Cameras
  • Laser scanners
  • Brake actuators
  • EPS motor
You may also say that there is magic in the vehicle. The surprising news is that there are chances that these vehicles will be soon used by transportation service providers like Uber. Soon there will be no need to have a driver or deal with the hardships of learning how to drive. The autonomous vehicles will take care of everything. 

2-V2V communication

V2V also known as the vehicle to vehicle communication system is the latest technology that allows all the vehicles on the roads to communicate with each other. You might have been wondering that what is the benefit of such kind of technology that allows the vehicles to communicate.
The technology has been developed to assure that the number of traffic accidents can be reduced. This technology will allow your car to communicate with all the other cars in this way you will have a yellow circle of signals and as soon as it gets red you will be notified about any vehicle that is in your vicinity. You will get the required time to change your route so that you can avoid a road accident.
It is the type of technology that will be introduced on the roads of Australia by 2020. There is a special network system installed in the cars and they have been specially developed for the taxi services.
It means that if you have to travel somewhere, use your smartphone to call the network car. The vehicle will reach your doorstep and you can reach your destination in limited time. It has all the latest networking system and wireless communication facility.
QuickRevs - Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

4-Next generation safety features

Collision warning and cruise control features have been introduced in the cars for a long time. However, now the specialists are working on the next generation features that will revolutionize the industry. 
These are the hands-off cruise control and head-up display. With the head-up display, you will get all the information on your windscreen even the maps will be displayed so that you will not have to look at your phone for directions. The hand-off cruise control will help the drivers to stay in the center of the lane and keep a reliable distance from the other vehicles without touching the steering.

5-Electric powered vehicles

The electric powered cars have been introduced in the market for a long time. They have been developed with the goal to save petrol. However, the vehicles are very expensive and that is why they did not gain popularity in the Australian market. Recently, a nanomaterial engineering company has introduced a vehicle that will use the lithium-ion battery for the production of 5 times more energy at a lower cost. With the improvement in the storage price of the car has been controlled by increasing its range.

6-Solar cars

Humans have been using the solar technology in many different ways. The areas where the sun is available for most of the areas, even the industries are using the solar generate that store the energy from the sun in the morning and it is consumed at night.
Now the solar power cars have been introduced in the market. It is the perfect innovation for the Australian climate because most of the areas are sunny. It means that individuals will get the chance to drive the vehicles that will cost less and they can also save the environment from pollutants. However, technologists are working on the cars to assure that they can run efficiently at night as well.

7-Biometric seat technology

Biometric seat technology is the innovation that will take the driving experience to the next level.
  • Once you sit on the innovations seats they will copy all the data from the palms of the hand
  • The seat of the car will be adjusted according to your stress level to assure that you can drive comfortably
  • When the seats will detect that your body cannot deal with the stress it will tell you to take a break
In this way, the cases of sleeping while driving will be reduced and you will always drive the car with full concentration because the Biometric seat technology will inform you of your condition.

8-Connected cars 

170 million connected cars are about to be introduced on the roads by 2020 and there are chances that most of them will be in Australia. The vehicle will be connected to your smartphone in such a way that all the function you control using your phone will be accessible in your vehicle as well. It will enhance the integration of your car. There are several telematic services and the car will come with a pre-installed sim card.

Bottom line

After all these technologies it would not be a surprise for the public that soon the flying cars will be introduced. We all know that the prototype of the vehicle has been manufactured and tested in different parts of the world. The automotive industry in Australia is still working on the technology and there are chances that they will introduce something innovational very soon.  

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