Did you know REVS is now PPSR?

REVS Check:

REVS check which stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles was changed to PPSR - Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is an authentic report generated by reliable services for Australians to buy cars, bikes, boats and other machineries with confidence. The PPSR report which was formerly known as REVS check is a central repository which contains information about all the vehicles ever driven on the roads of Australia. The reports generated by such services provider are mainly based on the facts and figures collected from Government entities that are responsible of collecting such data.
These entities work on collecting authentic information, verify the information to be true and then add it to their databases. Once their databases are updated they sell this information to the report generators. There are plenty of such report generating services in the country which are operating online and providing valid ppsr reports (formerly known as revs report) to the buyers of used cars.
Since buying a used cars involve double risk as compare to buying a new car which involves comparatively lesser risk. The only threat might be that the car financing company is not dealing fairly well with you. However on the other hand the used car purchase involves risk of being stolen, accidental, totaled or sold with some financial liability. Hence it is very important for a single unit, personal use buyer to do the verification.

Commercial VS Single Unit Buyers:

The commercial buyers buy vehicles in bulk and usually advised by the dealers to spend time a few buck to get the report or they arrange it themselves to avoid any glitches in the deal. In order to maintain their business relationship the dealers provide the reports or aware the buyers about the importance of keeping the report with them.
This is not the case with single unit buyers, they have to be smart and do the purchasing with all the necessary and sufficient details about the car. These details should contain the car history, past owners and car condition. The ppsr report (formerly known as revs report) is the solution to this problem and helps in making the right decision without any doubts.
REVS-Register of Encumbered Vehicles

History Check is Important:

The last but not the least no matter you are going to buy one car or a bulk purchaser rev or ppsr report always helps in making the right decision and saves from the hassle of illegal activities or getting into trouble after closing the deal.  The report provides details about any kind of vehicle to be purchased; it does not cover real estate except that any asset as long as it is machinery and particularly for commutation is covered by the detailed and thorough analysis.
Hence it is of utmost importance to invest a few bucks in getting the report when buying a pre-owned vehicle anywhere in Australia and secure the future living and moving with your asset anywhere in the country.

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