So You Want To Sell An Encumbered Car?

For most people, selling a car is easy. Just make sure it’s in drivable condition and put it up for sale on a website or through local ads. Simple. And if the car isn’t in good condition, either sell it for cheap or fix it up first. If it’s not... Read more

5 important things to consider before buying a used car

Or: do you know where that car’s been? Buying a car is quite an involved process. It’s fun, because buying something—even it is second-hand—is still exciting. But are you aware of what you need to do to ensure a safe purchase? 5 things you need to consider before buying that... Read more

How to verify history of used car?

Is There Any Risk in Buying Used Car? Buying a used car requires a great risk, it might be a good deal or it can be a total loss for the buyer who is willing to invest money in a second hand vehicle. A second hand vehicle or a pre-owned... Read more

Know What You Are Buying?

Most people know what a “write-off” is in terms of a car — it’s usually used in relation to insurance claims to mean a vehicle that is no longer useable after an accident, or at the least, is beyond the scope of the insurance over. What a lot of people... Read more

Why you should consider a car history check?

Consequences of Buying a Vehicle with Financial Liability: You might decide to buy a vehicle which is within your budget, seems in a mint condition and exactly what you desired for. However all that glitters is not gold is truly said by wise and old people. The vehicle you are... Read more

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